Final Fantasy XV: Final Fantasy XV’s Glass Gemstones Locations Guide – A Better Engine Blade II, Noctis Arms Upgrade


Final Fantasy XV’s weapon upgrade quest will require players to search for Glass Gemstone. Cid at Hammerhead Outpost gives the weapon upgrade quest A Better Engine Blade II.

Before they can begin the second quest to upgrade Noctis’ main weapon, players will need to first complete the first quest in the chain, A Better Engine Blade.

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Final Fantasy XV Gemstones Locations

You can find Glass Gemstone in many places. This is so that players who have found one and sold it via the Treasure tab will always have another option to obtain a new one. Lestallum is the best place to search for a Glass Gemstone.

Once players have parked their car in Lestallum they will need to return to the city’s main road and head towards the Newfields Building, which is located on the main street. On the front porch, the Glass Gemstone can be found under one of the arches.

Cape Caem is the second spot for Glass Gemstones, located near Hidden Gateway accommodations. If players face the hotel entrance, the gemstone will be on the edge near the lodgings.

Another Glass Gemstone can be found in Altissa near The Leville Royal Suite. It will take some time for players to get this one. After players have left the hotel, they must turn left and pass the vendor. Once they reach the fountain, players need to turn left again and follow the path until the square archway that runs between a green door & a staircase. Under the archway is the gemstone.

Gladiolus can help players find Glass Gemstone if it is difficult to find them. His Survival skill must be at least level 6 to find Glass Gemstone after each battle.

It is wise to keep Glass Gemstone, like other treasures for as long as possible.


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