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Find Saved Passwords on a Mac

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This article will show you how to locate passwords stored on a Mac. It is beneficial to save passwords, especially if you use long, secure passwords. However, sometimes it can be difficult to remember them. Follow these steps to see saved passwords on your Mac.

How can i do saved password on my MAC 

Keychain Access is pre-installed for all Macs. It’s Apple’s way of saving passwords. It stores usernames and passwords to Safari, Wi-Fi networks and other apps. It has Keychain Access, which automatically fills in your account information when you log in.

Keychain Access is where you can view your Mac’s saved passwords. These steps will allow you to find your passwords in Keychain Access.

Open Keychain Access.

Search for the password that you are looking for in the search bar at the top right corner. You should search for the name or URL of the app or website you wish to view the password.

  • Double-click the password you have found to view it.
  • Make sure to check the box next To Show Password.
  • Enter the password that you used to log onto your computer. You can choose One-time access or Always access.
  • The Password field is located at the bottom of this pop-up window.

How to sync saved passwords with iCloud Keychain

Do you like the idea of having your passwords saved and ready to go when you need them? It works on both iPhone and iPad. This feature is called iCloud Keychain, and it works exactly like other parts. Content is synced across all devices logged in to the same iCloud account. If you enable iCloud Keychain across all of your devices, all will have the same passwords. Follow these steps to do this.

Mac: Open Apple menu > System Preferences> Apple ID > iCloud. Check the box next to Keychain.

iPhone and iPad: Open Settings > [your Name] > iCloud > Keychain. Move the iCloud Keychain slider from off to on/green.

Viewing saved passwords in Chrome

Chrome is the preferred browser for many, but it does not work with Keychain by default. There’s an extension that will make Keychain compatible in Chrome. Chrome saves passwords. Here’s how Chrome searches for passwords on a Mac.

Start a new Explorer tab, then move to Apps > Tool.

Open Keychain Access.

Type the password you want to see in the search bar at the top right corner. Enter the URL or name of the website or app you are searching for.

  • Double-click on the password to view it.
  • Check the box next to To Show Password.
  • Enter the password you used to log on to your computer. Click Allow to gain temporary access, or Always Allow to gain long-term access.
  • You will find the Password field at the bottom right of this popup window.

Chrome > Chrome menu Preferences Autofill Passwords

  • Scroll down to Saved Passwords.
  • Click the eye icon beside the account password you wish to view.
  • Enter the password that you used to log on to the computer in the pop-up window and click OK.
  • The Password column displays the password.
  • Click the eye icon to hide your password again.
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