Fire Stick Remote Won’t Work (Do THIS Now!)


The Amazon Fire TV Stick streaming service was launched in late 2014. It quickly became a huge hit. It’s currently active in more than 40 million households, which is almost 8 million more than Roku.

The service is undeniable a success, but the Fire stick remote has its problems. It can sometimes stop working.

The remote control for the Firestick has stopped working

There are five ways to fix a fire stick remote that doesn’t work.

  1. Unplug power supply. Wait 30 seconds
  2. Remove the remote batteries and wait for them to charge.
  3. Hold down the home button for 20 second
  4. Download the Amazon Fire TV App
  5. Repair and Unpair your remote

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1 Firestick remote stopped working

1.1 Firestick Power cycle

1.2 Firestick remote

1.3 For 20 seconds, hold the home button

1.4 Get the Amazon Fire TV App

1.5 Repair the remote Firestick

2 Conclusion

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The Fire stick can be power cycled

If your Firestick remote doesn’t work, you can power cycle the Firestick device first.

Simply put, power cycling is the act of turning off equipment and then turning it on again. This will usually reset the device, network, or both.

You will need to unplug your Firestick from the USB port and not the HDMI port. You can leave the Firestick plugged into the back of your TV, and then unplug it from the stick.

Leave the device unplugged for at least 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

This will reset your connection in the same way as resetting a router/modem.

Verify that your Firestick remote is reconnected.

It should have! If it has, great!

The remote control for the Firestick can be powered cycled

If the power cycle of the Firestick device doesn’t work, you can power cycle the remote.

Simply remove the backing from the remote and take out the batteries.

Wait at least 30 seconds before you put the batteries back in. Be sure to put them back in the correct way!

The remote should be reset.

Although this is obvious, it may be worth replacing the remote batteries if the connection doesn’t reestablish.

This solution is often the best. Sometimes the easiest solution is the best.

For 20 seconds, hold the home button.

If you have tried everything to power cycle the remote and device but still no luck, it is time to dig deeper.

This potential fix is possible by finding the “home” button on the Firestick remote. After you have located it, press it and hold it down for at most 20 seconds.

The remote should start blinking after 20 seconds. You can stop the process and start it again until it blinks.

After the remote blinks, wait for 30 seconds before you try to use it.

This will restore the remote’s Bluetooth connectivity to your TV.

Get the Amazon Fire TV App

No matter if your Amazon Firestick remote is working again, this next fix should be done.

The app includes a remote you can use with the Fire stick TV. If your remote stops working, you can open the Amazon Fire TV app on Android and continue using your Firestick.

The app remote is also a vast improvement on the traditional Firestick remote.

Firestick remote is small, and does not have a keyboard. However, the app allows for easy typing and navigation. Voice-enabled searching is available in the app! You’ll be using the app more often than the remote if you’re anything like me.

You can download the app by searching for “Amazon Fire TV”, either in the Google Playstore, or the App Store.

After it is downloaded, you will be asked to follow several set-up steps. Your TV will display 4 numbers. To connect, you’ll need those exact digits to the app.

Make sure you have both your phone and Firestick TV connected to the same WiFi network.

Repair the remote control for Firestick.

This is the hardest fix I have found. To try it, you must have the Amazon Fire TV app downloaded and set up.

This step will involve going into Firestick settings, unpairing and finally repairing your remote. It’s not difficult.

You can access the Firestick settings using the Amazon Fire TV App that you downloaded in step 1.

Once the Fire TV is powered on, click on the gear icon in the app (top right) and select “Settings”

Then, navigate to and select “Remotes & Bluetooth Devices”, then “Amazon Fire TV Remotes”, then scroll down to “Amazon Fire TV Remote”.

It is likely that you will see the “Battery”, Offline, here. Even if your batteries are new!

This indicates that the connection is not working properly.

Now, you need to unpair your remote by pressing three lines icons at the bottom of the app.

We will continue to “Add New Remote” under “Remotes & Bluetooth Devices” with the remote unpaired.

You should now see “Battery: OK” and your Firestick remote should work again!


Fire TV users who are active users will likely find that their Firestick remote doesn’t work sometimes.

It is easy to restore the connection.

Resetting the device is as easy as unplugging it and taking out the battery.

Most cases, you can reset your remote by simply unplugging it and taking out the battery.

If that fails, you can try to reset the bluetooth connection by holding the home button down for at least ten second.

The remote that comes with Amazon Fire TV App is a great alternative to the traditional remote. You can search with your phone’s keyboard, and you can even use voice search!

You can also use the Amazon Fire TV App to unpaire and then repair the physical remote from the Fire TV Settings.



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