Firestick Frozen! Try This First to Freeze Firestick!


Firestick devices have a small processor that is not very powerful. The processor’s small size can lead to a number of problems. A frozen Firestick is one example of such an issue.

Are your Fire Sticks frozen? If so, don’t panic. There are many proven solutions and changes that you can make to your device settings to get it working again quickly.

How to fix firestick frozen

You will need to restart your Firestick if it is frozen. For approximately 15 seconds, hold down the PLAY and CENTER buttons on your Firestick remote. This will force your Firestick to be turned off and restart it. It may take up to a minute before it comes back online.

Restart Firestick

Note The next steps assume your Firestick has become unresponsive or frozen. If that happens, you will need to restart the Firestick before you can make the changes I recommend below.

If the Firestick is responsive but slow or buffering a lot, I would jump down to “Internet speed”.

Resetting your Firestick should be the first thing you do after it has become frozen. There are several ways to do this.

Forced restart is the first. To force restart your Firestick, hold down the CENTER AND PLAY buttons for approximately 15 seconds.

The Firestick should be forced to shut down and then rebooted. It may take up to a minute for the Firestick to come back online.

Hold down the CENTER key for 3 seconds. Then, go to Settings > My FireTV > Restart.

Both of these methods accomplish the same goal: to forcibly reset your Firestick and reboot it.

Power-cycle Firestick

If the reset options don’t work for you, I suggest power-cycling your Firestick.

This is a fancy way to say, unplug the Firestick’s power supply. Unplug your Firestick if it is plugged in to the wall. Unplug your Firestick from the USB port if it is powered by the TV’s USB port.

Wait 60 seconds. Be patient and wait for the whole minute before you plug it back in.

After 60 seconds have passed, plug the Firestick in again to check if it’s still frozen.

Factory reset Firestick

If power-cycle and reset are not of any value, you can perform a factory reset.

A factory reset will restore your Firestick’s settings from the day it was purchased. All of your settings, apps, and downloads will be lost. All settings, apps, downloads, etc. will be deleted and reset.

You’ll only need to re-download the apps, but will still link all apps to your account.

This speed test will give you a number. You should focus on the download speed, not the upload speed. Streaming is a download process.

You need the download speed to be 50 Mb/s. There are two possible reasons for this:

  1. You are not paying enough for internet speed. You need at least 200 Mbps. WiFi cuts the speed by half, to about 100 Mbps. Using a VPN reduces it by half. On a 200 Mbps plan, you will get at least 50 Mbps.
  2. You’re too far from your router and your router is not working properly. You’ll experience freezing. A WiFi extender can be a good option if your router is working well. This will give you a stronger signal for your Firestick.

While you can still use the steps above to speed up your Firestick or stream better, bad internet is your biggest problem.

Bad source server

It is possible that the app content you’re trying to stream is not working if you score at least 50 Mbps on your internet speed test.

Let’s take, for instance, the Cinema HD app. An app like this uses a signal from a remote server. If the server is slow, it will freeze and buffer your data.

After removing all background apps, you should notice a significant improvement in your speed.

Turn off “Featured Content.”

Next, disable “Featured content”. Featured Content is content that appears automatically on your Firestick’s home screen.

This is usually a new movie or show that is being shown. Guess what? This adds additional stress to your Firestick’s processor. This needs to be turned OFF.

Go to SETTINGS>> PREFERENCES > FEATURED ENTERTAINMENT. Make sure that Allow Featured Audio Autoplay and Allow Autoplay are both turned off!

This will prevent the featured video at top of the screen from playing automatically when you are on the home screen.

After making this change, you should see a significant improvement in your Firestick’s performance.

You can also take a look at the list to see if you can delete any apps. You should not be using any app. It can eat up precious storage, which could impact your Firestick’s performance.

Click on the app that you wish to be deleted and select UNINSTALL.

Firestick software updated

You can’t prevent your Firestick from freezing or improve its performance by making sure that you have the most recent Firestick software.

To upgrade the software on your Firestick, go to SETTINGS>> MY FIRETV > ABOUT> INSTALL UPDATE

Select install if there is an available update. Two possible causes could be the reason.


Are your Firesticks frozen? There are proven ways to fix your Firestick and improve its performance. Here’s how:

  • Reset your Firestick
  • Your Firestick can be power-cycled
  • Factory reset your Firestick
  • Your internet speed can be checked
  • You might try a different stream, or an app.
  • All background apps must be stopped
  • Delete featured content
  • Clear cache and delete unwanted apps
  • Firestick software update

Each of these solutions should result in a significant improvement in the Firestick’s performance and speed. It should also stop freezing completely.


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