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Five ways to make your bedroom a sanctuary of peace

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It’s all about combining function and form to create a comfortable bedroom. You won’t regret it if you maximise storage and focus on ambient lighting and cosy bedding. These are our top tips to help you create the perfect scheme.

Make an assertion

In small and large bedrooms, a statement bed is the best choice. You can store vacuum bags and boxes underneath the bed if space is tight. Debra McQuin from McQuin Partnership recommends bedside tables and wall-mounted lights. She suggests that you think creatively. If there isn’t enough space to fit a headboard, you can paint one on the wall. A good mattress, high-thread-count sheets and a soft rug for stepping out of bed are essential in every bedroom, no matter how small or large. These are the things that make the biggest difference to your sense of well-being.

Add luxury

You can play up the bedroom’s features, such as a beautiful period mantlepiece, or large windows. A few striking pieces can also help to emphasise a room’s proportions. An elegant chandelier anchors this space, while a Venetian-styled mirror adds glamour. You can choose to have fewer pieces, but larger furniture will have a greater impact in a small space. You can create a focal point to draw attention to the space’s outer spaces with a striking piece or a headboard made of luxe fabric.

Make it right

You must make sure your bedroom is functional. You can have multiple lighting circuits installed so you can change the lights at your bedside without having to go across the room. Dimmable downlights are great for task lighting. A dimmer can help to create a relaxing evening atmosphere. A wall-mounted lamp with an elegant shade, such as this one, is a good option if space is tight. Choose a warm, yellow light over a cool, blue one. Mary BarberFray, Mary BarberFray Interior Design, advises that lighting should be used to maximise the space visually. If you want to add height to low ceilings, make sure to choose lampshades that reflect upwards.

Simple living

For the ultimate hotel-boudoir style, you can create a living space in your bedroom if space is available. A zoned area can be used to create a small sitting area. An antique dresser in dramatic black is the focal point of this scheme. Nicola Holden, of Nicola Holden Designs, says that a chair can be useful no matter how small your bedroom. If clutter is a problem, you might consider the Ghost chair by Philippe Starck. You should choose sturdy furniture like ottomans and chests with drawers. Don’t forget to include areas above doors, where built-in shelving is effective.

Sleek storage

A well-planned bedroom design will create a calm and peaceful environment. This room features simple, built-in storage that incorporates a window seat. It makes the most of the space available and provides a focal point. Smart multi-functional furniture can maximize storage. It should be able to use the wall height and floor space as well as the ceiling height. Form and function blend perfectly in this space, thanks to the geometric shapes and graphic tones of the headboard, wall-mounted light and side table, which provide both style and functionality.

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