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Florida Man August 1 Riding In Style

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The 1st of August will be greeted with a selection of Florida Man stories that would surprise you even if they were anywhere else in the United States. For Florida, this is merely tales of events that occur in Florida on a regular basis. When you celebrate your birthday on August 1, can you have any connection with some or all of the stories?

Florida Man August 1, 2018 – Gator Goes For a Beer Run

On August 1st in 2018 the Florida Man took a friend along for a drink run. And unlike other countries, the man brings a particular kind of man’s favorite pet which is an alligator with him. The moment he entered the store, there was a rumbling of him asking whether the store was running out of beer.

When the man walked towards in the corner of the building, with the alligator he had tucked under his arm He comes across another customer in the store asking him if he’s taken the last drink of the beer. He is getting closer to the man holding his alligator, before taking the six-pack. Did anyone call the cops? But, the entire store was laughing.

Two people have been detained in connection to this beer-running incident. It’s just another day with your beloved pet from Florida you think? It’s a good thing everyone was happy that the alligator was not any larger.

Florida Man August 1, 2020 – Riding The Semi

Typically, when you hear about anyone riding in a vehicle, you think of it’s in a chair that is designed to be used. Florida Man, of course, is the first to invent a different way to drive automobiles. In the morning of August 1st, 2020 Florida Man climbed onto the truck’s hood and sat on it for 9 miles along the highway.

As the semi-truck drove, through the road, the driver smashed the glass by using his fists. Videos and photos of the incident be found on the web, and you can observe that the windshield shows distinct evidence of the place where he smashed the windshield.

It appears that it all occurred after Florida Man began acting strangely, and then climbed out of the car was his usual vehicle. Then, he climbed aboard the back of a truck and refused to let go. The semi-driver isn’t doing what normal people would do and doesn’t stop for nine miles. Florida Man on the hood was aware of the fact that he had f***ed up and asked motorists passing by to contact the police.

The police arrived and arrested the man and discovered him bleeding after the incident. Because of his bizarre behavior, he was taken into the medical facility.

Final Thoughts

The month of August began beginning at an extremely high standard in Florida Man stories. Check out what else transpired in August in Florida Man. We apologize if, on your birthday, and you’re getting started with some crazy Florida Man stories.

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