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Florida Man August 18: This One Is NUTS

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I got into this Florida man meme in the past and decided to check my birthday date, August 18.

I’d heard that these stories could be shocking however I was unaware of how insane they could be. Here are some moments of Florida the man who was my birthday 18 August.

Florida Man August 18, 2019

As I mentioned before Some instances are a bit crazy. But this one is not in a literal sense.

On the 18th of August, 2019 on August 18, 2019, a Florida male was detained for performing an ineffective castration on a man.

The man constructed an impromptu operating room inside the basement of his Highland County home. He’d purchased an own set of medical devices, a few painkillers and, of course, cameras for the procedure.

The pair had met through the website of men who have an eunuch fetish.

Police were called to the scene following an emergency call from 911. When they arrived the amateur surgeon met officers at the front door, and explained the procedure that went wrong.

As the police entered the home there was an injured man wrapped in a towel , with nearby a container containing the testicles of the man who was injured.

The patient was immediately transported to the hospital, and he did not require surgery. The surgeon was sent into the jail in town.

In a shocking discovery the truth was revealed: this was not the first time. He’d performed an operation of castration at an establishment that resulted in an inpatient hospitalization. The incident was not reported to police.

August 18, 2019

This Florida man’s story occurs during the exact same time that the castration incident. I also found other stories however, they involved animal cruelty, so I decided to not include them.

This tale serves as an important reminder not to listen to relationship advice from an Florida man. It’s not something that needs to be stated.

An Florida man was arrested on suspicion of criminal mischief on the 18th of August. The offense was dumped dirt from a tractor on his girlfriend’s vehicle and putting her in the car.

The incident started when the woman’s girlfriend, who was visiting his workplace. The visit ended up turning ugly and the couple had an argument that was heated.

The dispute came to a sudden conclusion when the man threw a heap of dirt onto the car his partner was in. The car, however, was not even owned by his partner.

He was taken to the jail. After that, the man was released on a bond of $1,000.


The two should get together. They could create Florida somewhat safer by offering their services to one another. If you’re born August 5, you’ll certainly want to know the story of what Florida Man August 1 did on that day. If you’ve got an interesting Florida man tale or want I write an overview for your birthday, you can leave it in the comment section below.

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