Four Best SmartThings Dashboard Control Panes for 2022


You’ve reached the right place if you own a SmartThings hub and are looking for the best Samsung SmartThings dashboard control panels.

The old system was that you needed to spend a lot of money to get a home automation dashboard. Also, the setup had to be custom. If you needed to modify something, such as updating a visual, or adding a new automation, you could rely on the company who created it.

It was not a great user experience and definitely not a good choice for your wallet.

These days things are different. There are many low-cost, configurable SmartThings dashboard options. Below, I have compared and reviewed the most popular options (ActionTiles HousePanel and webCoRE).

Best SmartThings Dashboard

NOTE: Before we get into the details of each SmartThings dashboard, it is worth noting that all options require some upfront work and learning. While some options may be more complex than others, it is clear that you will spend at least an hour setting up your dashboard.

ActionTiles Dashboard

ActionTiles is an affordable SmartThings dashboard, that can be easily set up and maintained, and which looks great.
The risk of losing your money is very low at a cost of only 28.99. They even offer a 14-day free trial, which gives you full access to the product so that you can make an informed purchase.
My total time spent learning and setting up ActionTiles was approximately 4 hours. Then, I spent another 2-3 hours tweaking it to make it perfect.

Below is my actual dashboard.

Because the application is web-based, you will need WiFi to keep your dashboard running. This dashboard can be accessed on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can access the web from any device that can access it.
The dashboard is responsive and can adapt to any device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop.
I used an old iPad Mini, and mounted it on my wall. The ActionTiles dashboard was also permanently displayed. It was mounted close to my front door, so I could use automations such as “Goodbye!” which turns off all my house in one go, while I walk out of the door.

ActionTiles includes over 3,000 icons you can customise each automation/tile. You can also easily change colours and fonts.

ActionTiles is the best fit for Samsung SmartThings dashboards. This product is a great choice.

You can see many examples of ActionTiles dashboards by clicking here. Dashboard is currently the closest competitor of ActionTiles when it comes to web-based SmartThings dashboards.
The main difference is that includes a visual home automation rule maker, or what they refer to as a “rule engine”.

The visual rule engine allows you to create complex home automations with no code. may be worth looking into if you have home automations you would like to set up but can’t with SmartThings or Amazon Alexa etc.

  1. The rule engine includes the following components:
    1. Event triggers
      • Device events: i.e. Door is locked or temperature is >75 degrees
      • Location events: i.e. Mode is changed to away
      • The state stays: garage door is left open for 10 minutes
    2. Time schedules
      • Exact time
      • Sunrise/sunset
      • You can repeat the exercise daily or on specific days during the week.
    3. Conditions (If this is the case, then that).
      • Status of the device
      • Status of the location
      • Time frame
      • Day of the week
    4. Commands
      • Perform a routine
      • Control a device
      • Fade device level over time (i.e. Dim light from 100 to 0 over 10 minutes
    5. Notifications
      • Email
      • SMS
      • Things (i.e. Echo speaks, Sonos)


Although I don’t like the idea of having to pay another subscription plan, 30 bucks a year isn’t bad.

However, I am concerned that SharpTools will increase their subscription prices at some point. This would leave existing customers with no choice but to pay up or lose all of the work they have done.

ActionTiles and the open-source options that follow it won’t allow this to happen.
You can see many examples of dashboards by clicking here.

HousePanel Dashboard

Let me begin by saying that HousePanel, as a project, is really great. It is completely open-source and free, so criticising it does not feel right.

However, it is not something I think anyone should explore.

According to the founder, HousePanel is much more complicated than ActionTiles to set up. HousePanel was created by the founder to provide an open-source platform for developers to create dashboards.

This is a great idea, and the work he has done is impressive. However, it is clearly targeted at developers.

The founder even owns an ActionTiles account and uses it regularly!

If you’re a developer however, dig in! Open source projects have always been something I love. The stronger and more stable the product, the larger the community.

Perhaps HousePanel could one day be a viable option for home automation dashboards. I will look elsewhere until then.

You can see different HousePanel dashboards by clicking here.

webCoRE Dashboard

WebCoRE is the latest SmartThings dashboard, but not least.

webCoRE, like HousePanel, is an open-source project. WebCoRE’s community is growing every day, unlike HousePanel.

webCoRE is an advanced web-based rule generator that runs on top of Samsung SmartThing. It can deliver complex automation scenarios that users are able to program. It uses a pseudo-scripting language that users can easily understand and read. Because we are talking about an engine, each such script is called “a piston”.

WebCoRE is, in essence, a rule engine that can be used to create a dashboard listing all devices in your home.

This option is for you if you are up to the challenge, tech-savvy enough, and have the ability to control your home automation project with a lot of flexibility and scalability. Open source means that you can continue to enjoy future updates and upgrades.

Based on how invested the existing users are, I would guess that this platform won’t go anywhere and will only improve over time.

WebCoRE is a place where you can tinker endlessly! Its customizability is both an advantage and a curse. This dashboard requires a lot of effort to learn and implement.

You can see different examples of webCoRE dashboards by clicking here.


ActionTiles is my favourite SmartThings dashboard.

You get a highly customizable, user-friendly dashboard for a reasonable one-time payment. You can outgrow the dashboard over time, so you only pay $28.99. (visit my ActionTiles Shop, and use my coupon code goodha4837 for 10% off!

I would recommend webCoRe if you are looking for more control and automation scalability. Although you will need to spend a lot of time learning and implementing webCoRE, I believe that no other platform offers the same flexibility.

I personally would avoid due to the high cost and HousePanel due to the lack of community support.


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