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From Canada to the US: Eddie G. Is Living His Dream

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Édouard Kersley Guillaume, aka Eddie G., was born on November 14, 1983, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.   After finishing high school, Eddie enrolled in Algonquin College’s Print Media program and, on the side, began studying drama. In the meantime, he registered with a talent agency and started making movie and TV appearances.

Eddie is a multi-talented artist who has worked in the music and entertainment industries for more than ten years. The Ottawa native has made it big in America, where he has been on numerous television shows.

According to Eddie, two of his biggest creative influences were actors like Denzel Washington and Will Smith. As he continued to observe them, he began to recognize aspects of himself in each of them. Given their stellar work in similar capacities, Eddie was even more inspired to reach his goal.

Eddie G. Reveals His Amazing Acting Prowess

Eddie exhibits his extraordinary acting skills and admits that he always attempts to put himself in the place of the writer. It’s not hard to imagine what may set one scenario apart from the others when you’re the one writing them. In the foreseeable future, Eddie hopes to experiment with various genres and roles.

Adding to the already stellar cast of Rabbit Hole is Eddie G, who previously acted in Transplant as Lou, the security chief at York Memorial who shared a romantic bond with  Dr. June Curtis. Eddie G is looking forward to joining the cast of Rabbit Hole as a guest star because he has already performed on stage with Oscar nominee Cuba Gooding Jr. He is swiftly becoming one of the most talked-about characters in the media and entertainment industries due to his fiery nature and dedication. The new Kiefer Sutherland thriller is receiving high praise online and is expected to do well on TV screens as well.

Eddie remained tight-lipped about the contents of his next guest role, but he did indicate that he and Mr. Sutherland would be in it together.

He mentioned that as a kid, Keifer starred in some of his all-time favorite movies like Phone Both and A Time to Kill. Like many others, he is a Keifer fan who appreciates the impact the actor has made in even brief cameos like the one he had in A Few Good Men (which lasted only ten minutes) on both the film’s audience and its devoted followers.

As a result of his drive and perseverance, Eddie G has become the star of a hit television series. He doesn’t just want to be successful on his own terms but also in terms of helping others. The upcoming guest star on Rabbit Hole said, “Don’t follow your dream,” when asked what message he wants to leave with the audience. Live out your fantasies. Do not procrastinate; complete the task at hand. Arrange them in a logical progression. Make an approach. You should live each day as if it were your last because you never know when your time here on Earth will be up. That choice is out of the question. There is simply no valid justification that can be accepted. Focus on making progress toward your goal one baby step at a time, and enjoy the journey along the way.

When Eddie was asked about the upcoming biopic on Salt-N-Pepa, he responded that he is about the ’90s. All things from the 1990s are fair game for him. Eddie went on to say that as a child of the ’90s, he was a huge fan of Salt-N-Pepa. When he heard that Salt-N-Pepa was making a movie, he was immediately ecstatic and wanted in. In order to attend the audition, he drove five hours—from Ottawa to Toronto. He drove five hours for an audition that lasted all of five minutes and was successful. It was a great source of pride for Eddie to get it. A fantastic experience all around. Anyone and everyone you could think to invite was there. It was like he was transported back to the 1990s. The haircuts and garb. The entire atmosphere was extremely ’90s.

Eddie left his hometown since there were very few chances for him there. Despite the difficulties inherent in attempting to grow in such a place, he overcame the obstacles that kept him from achieving his ambitions. As of this moment, he is a live example that people can make their dreams come true when they put their souls into whatever they are working for.

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