Function Space in the Heart of Adelaide Parklands


The Home of Exclusive Events in Adelaide

If you need a function space in the heart of Adelaide Parklands, you’re in luck because the National Wine Centre of Australia ( solutions for all. With a variety of function spaces, you can choose the one that matches the needs of your event. For example, some events will have 50 guests while others will have 1,000. The National Wine Centre will ensure that you get the right space (rather than cramming your guests into a small space!).

Hosting weddings, cocktail parties, conferences, corporate events, and many other functions, the National Wine Centre truly is the venue that ticks every box. Whatever the function, you will find not only the venue but also the amenities that you need with this series of venues.

After visiting the website, you’ll quickly realise that the National Wine Centre is a respected venue with lots of different awards. For example, it received the Pivot and Innovation Award at the 2020 Restaurant and Catering Awards for Excellence in South Australia. To get started, it’s as simple as dialling the number, sending an email, or completing the contact form on the website.

Product Launches or Corporate Events

If you’ve held an event in this corner of the world before, you will have realised that venues normally lend themselves to different events. While some are ideal for small conferences, others are perfect for large trade shows. One of the benefits of partnering with the National Wine Centre is that it has a venue for all events.

For example, let’s say that you have a product launch. Just notify the centre of the number of guests you play to invite, and you can go from there. Alternatively, it could be a corporate event such as an end-of-year cocktail party. Once again, the discussion normally starts with an approximate guest count. However, you can also pay attention to amenities and other features.

In total, the National Wine Centre offers six flexible spaces depending on the amount of room that you need for the event. Another reason why you should choose this location over other venues is that the team itself is incredibly helpful. Whether you’re planning a small, intimate event or a larger function, the team will adhere to your every demand and ensure that everything goes to plan.

With professional organisers, you don’t need to worry about basic mistakes because the team will think of everything (even if you happen to forget!). Over the years, the team at the National Wine Centre has hosted everything from product launches to dinners, and award ceremonies to conferences.

What Makes a Good Venue?

As you research the market and investigate various venues, you might wonder what makes the difference between average and leading venues. You’ve discovered the flexibility of the National Wine Centre as well as the friendly, efficient staff and various other factors. Elsewhere, you should also pay attention to the location of your venue. After all, you don’t want to choose a location far away from hotels and transport links (especially when inviting people from all over the country!).

Furthermore, you might think about parking since not having anywhere to park will set your event off on the wrong foot for some. You should also look for an extensive menu, a sensible city location, stunning grounds, audio/visual support, and more. So long as you think about your guests, you’ll provide the best event for them (one that they will remember). When you put on a good function/event, it will make them appreciate your company even more!


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