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Geekzilla Tech: The Best Tech And Gadgets For Geeks

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Geekzilla Tech is a website for tech-savvy individuals. They offer independent critiques of new technology and devices, as well as in-intensity information on the state-of-the-art machine releases. If you enjoyed this submission, please allow them to recognize it by way of following their blog now!


Smart Watches


Geekzilla Tech: The Best Tech And Gadgets For Geeks

There are a number of tech devices available that cater to geeks, but one of the most famous items in recent times are clever watches. Smart watches are best for geeks due to the fact they will let you live linked in your digital world without having to hold around a cell phone or tablet. Plus, they’re just undeniably cool.

There are a ton of various clever watches available on the market, however our favorite is the Samsung Gear S3. This watch has the whole thing a geek could want, consisting of GPS, a coronary heart fee screen, and built-in LTE so you can always stay linked. Plus, it seems awesome and has a rotating bezel that makes navigation a breeze.


If you’re looking for an extra price range-pleasant alternative, the Pebble Time Round is an outstanding desire. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the Gear S3, however it’s still a totally successful smart watch so one can keep you connected without breaking the financial institution.


Tablets are one of the most famous gadgets among geeks, and for exact reason. They’re transportable, effective, and may do just about anything a computer can do (and every so often more).


If you’re in the market for a new pill, you’ve been given plenty of alternatives to pick from. Here are most of the exceptional capsules for geeks, based on our revel in.


Apple iPad: The iPad is still the king of capsules, and is our top choice for geeks. It’s rapid, has a top notch selection of apps, and is just overall a pride to use.


Google Pixel C: The Pixel C is Google’s solution to the iPad Pro, and it’s a super alternative for geeks who want a powerful pill that runs Android. It’s additionally got a first-rate keyboard accent if you need to use it as a pseudo-pc.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4: The Surface Pro four is another outstanding choice for folks who want a tablet that may double as a pc. It runs Windows 10, so you can run all your favorite Windows apps on it.


Computers are the lifeblood of Geekzilla Tech. From the best laptops and gaming PCs to the most effective workstations, we’ve been given you protection. Whether you are an informal consumer or an electricity consumer, we will let you find the suitable machine for your needs.


Virtual Reality

Virtual truth is one of the freshest topics in tech right now, and for desirable purposes. It has the capability to exchange the manner we engage with computers and the arena around us.


There are some one of a kind kinds of digital fact systems to be had available on the market. The maximum popular kind might be the Oculus Rift, which changed into developed with the aid of Facebook-owned Oculus VR. The Rift makes use of a PC to strengthen its virtual truth reviews, and it comes with a pair of controllers that permit you to engage with the digital international.


If you are searching for a greater low-priced virtual truth choice, you may need to check out Google’s Daydream View. The Daydream View is a cell-based gadget that works with pick Android phones. It’s now not as effective because the Rift, however it’s a lot more low priced.


Whatever kind of virtual reality gadget you select, you are sure to have an incredible revel in.


What is Geeky Tech?

If you are a tech geek, then you definitely know that there is usually a new and modern era to geek out about. Whether it’s the state-of-the-art phone, a new gaming console, or the modern wearable generation, there is usually something to get excited about in the international market of tech.


But what’s Geeky Tech? Geeky Tech is the excellent source for records on the ultra-modern and best devices and technology. We maintain up with the present day information and critiques so you can make knowledgeable decisions approximately what to buy.


We additionally love to percentage our ardor for all things tech with fellow geeks. So whether you’re searching out facts on state-of-the-art merchandise or simply want to speak about tech, Geeky Tech is the place for you!


When to select a Laptop or Tablet?

There are a whole lot of tech-savvy humans who can not decide whether to get a computer or a tablet. Both have their pros and cons, but it really depends on what you are seeking out in a tool. Let’s ruin it down:



–          More effective than drugs, so higher for things like gaming, photograph design, video enhancing, and so forth.

–          Can run more complex apps and applications.

–          Typically have extended battery lifestyles.

–          Have a physical keyboard, which may be more comfortable for lengthy periods of typing.



–          More portable and light-weight than laptops.

–          Touchscreen is generally more user-friendly than a trackpad or mouse.

–          Some capsules can be used with a stylus, which can be wonderful for artists or be aware-takers.

–          Many tablets now have integrated cameras, making them exquisite for pictures and videography on the move.


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How to Choose the Best Computer for Gaming?

With so many exceptional sorts of computer systems in the marketplace, it may be hard to recognize which one is satisfactory for gaming. Here are a few matters to recall whilst making your selection:


  1. Processor: The processor is the heart of the computer, and it’s vital to pick out one that could manage the demands of gaming. Look for a processor with a high clock velocity and multiple cores.


  1. Graphics card: An accurate portrait card is vital for clean and sensible pix. Choose one with an excessive reminiscence capacity and a fast clock velocity.


  1. Memory: Gaming computer systems want plenty of RAM to run smoothly. 8GB is a good place to begin, however 16GB or more is even better.


four. Storage: Games take in numerous areas, so you’ll need a spacious difficult force or solid country drive. 1TB is a good minimum, however 2TB or more is even better.


  1. Cooling machine: An appropriate cooling gadget is critical for preventing your laptop from overheating in the course of intense gaming classes. Look for a system with multiple fans and ample airflow.


Best Home Theater Systems?

If you’re a geek who loves era and devices, then you will want to check out Geekzilla Tech. They have an excellent choice of tech and gadgets for geeks, and their home theater systems are great. You can find the whole thing from streaming media players to surround sound systems, and they have the fine costs round. So in case you’re looking for the exceptional domestic theater gadget on your geeky wishes, appearance no in addition to Geekzilla Tech!


Geekzilla Tech is a website for tech-savvy individuals


Looking for first-class tech and devices for geeks? Look no further than Geekzilla Tech! This website is filled with the contemporary and greatest technology, perfect for everybody who likes to live updated with the state-of-the-art and greatest geeky devices.

On Geekzilla Tech, you’ll discover the whole lot from the modern smartphone information to opinions of the newest gaming laptops. No matter what your pursuits are, you’re sure to find something interesting on Geekzilla Tech.


So what are you waiting for? Check out Geekzilla Tech these days and begin staying up-to-date on all of the state-of-the-art and greatest geeky gadgets!


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