Google Assistant: How to Stop Navigation


Is your assistant ignoring you? These are ways to get attention from your assistant


What to Know


  • You can opt out of receiving mapped/verbal directions messages by saying “Stop navigation”, “Cancel navigation” or “Exit navigation.”
  • You can mute voice guidance while continuing map instructions by saying “Mute voice guidance.”


Google Assistant can be used to provide verbal directions when driving, biking, or walking to a destination. Once you arrive, you will need to stop giving verbal directions. You can voice-navigate with Google Assistant by doing this.


Using voice commands on Google Maps


You can activate each Google Assistant task by speaking a word such as “Send text message” or “Set a timer for 10 minutes.” This allows you control the task from your phone. It is useful for driving, cooking, or other tasks. Google Assistant can be used for voice navigation to stop using Google Maps.


Before you can issue commands, you must wake Google Assistant by saying “OK Google”. After your command is registered, the microphone icon in the upper-right corner glows different colors. This means that the device “listens” and is waiting for your command.


How to disable Google Assistant but retain Navigation


You can still hear the directions on the map by saying “Mute voice guidance”


You can bring back voice guidance by saying, “Unmute voice guidance.”


How to Stop Navigation


To stop receiving mapped directions, you can use any one of the following phrases: “Stop navigation,” “Cancel navigation,” or “Exit navigation.”


The Google Maps address screen will be restored, but navigation mode will not be activated.


How to stop navigation manually


If your car is not moving, you can manually stop the navigation function. You are still able to view your phone. Google Maps will continue to work.


To stop navigation, you can also close Google Maps completely


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