Google Assistant won’t pair with Pixel Buds How to Fix this Problem


If Assistant isn’t working with your Buds, these are the solutions

Google Assistant isn’t compatible with Pixel Buds. They need to be connected to an Android smartphone that supports it and within range.

Pixel Buds are compatible with compatible Android devices. But, Google Assistant can only be used on compatible Android phones that meet certain requirements.

Google Assistant Does Not Work With Pixel Buds.

The Pixel Buds will connect to Assistant when you touch it or use its wake word. They will also need to be connected to an Android compatible device.

Pixel Buds can’t access Google Assistant due either to connectivity or set-up issues. Google Assistant won’t work if Pixel Buds have been connected with an iPhone.

How can I fix problems using Google Assistant and Pixel Buds

We have some troubleshooting tips for fixing your Pixel Buds. In order to get Google Assistant working, your phone may need to forget your Pixel Buds.

There are ways to fix it, if Pixel Buds won’t work with Assistant

  1. Make certain Assistant works on your device. Upgrade your Android device to enable Assistant.
  2. Google Play Services should be fully installed on your Android smartphone. It must also be at least version 6.13.
  3. Check that your Pixel Buds can connect to your phone.
  4. Ensure that your Pixel Buds are charged. Take the Pixel Buds out of the case and ensure they are fully charged.
  5. You can change the Android language to English.
  6. Reset your Pixel Buds. This will resolve any problem with your Pixel Buds. Next, you can verify if Google Assistant is functioning.
  7. If the simple reset does not work, you can perform a complete reset.
  8. Use Google app beta

Is it possible to connect Pixel Buds and Google Assistant?

The Pixel Buds are able to connect to any Android smartphone that has Google Assistant.

Google Assistant may not be working on your phone but it will work through your Pixel Buds.

How to use Google Assistant in Pixel Buds

Pixel Buds lack Google Assistant. Pixel Buds can connect to your phone and Google Assistant will work on your phone.

Google Assistant can be used with Pixel Buds using the following commands: “Hey Google”, touching an earbud and holding your finger there.

You can hear the tone and issue commands such as “What’s your battery?” You can also ask for help in Japanese. Google Assistant will answer the query through your earbuds.


  • How to adjust the volume on my Pixel Buds’?
    To increase or decrease the volume, simply swipe forward on one of the earbuds. You can enable Adaptive sound in your Pixel Bud settings to adjust the volume based on where you are.
  • How can I clean my Pixel Buds
    Use a dry cloth to clean your Pixel Buds. Water can also be used to clean your Pixel Buds.
  • Is it possible to turn off my Pixel Buds?
    You can turn off your Pixel Buds by either placing them inside their case or disabling Bluetooth.
  • What are my Pixel Buds good for?
    To use pixel buds translation feature hold and press the right earbud. If you want to translate English, the other person must speak into your phone.


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