Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use MyQ with Alexa


By Michael Donovan 7 Comments on MyQ with Alexa – Here’s how! (Step-By-Step Instructions)

Amazon Alexa allows you to control smart home products using voice commands. Garage doors are the exception. This is likely due to security concerns. Alexa does not yet offer these native Smart Home Skills.

Is MyQ compatible with Alexa?

Yes, MyQ can be used with Alexa. Although Alexa doesn’t recognize garage doors yet, you can use MyQ with Alexa using SimpleCommands. To open and close your MyQ smart garage, download the SimpleCommands app.

SimpleCommands to MyQ with Alexa

Although there are steps involved, they are not difficult and require only clicking buttons. You’ll be fine if you take 10-15 minutes to focus and then you’ll be good to go.

Before we start, however, you will need the following to make MyQ work with Alexa.

  • Smartphone or tablet
  • MyQ Chamberlain garage door opener
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Alexa app
  • SimpleCommands App
  • Internet connection
  • It takes approximately 10-15 minutes

Okay, let’s get started.

1 Download SimpleCommands App from Apple’s app store or Google Play

2 Create an Account. After you have completed the registration, your app will show “Registration Complete”. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Please use your real email address. (HINT: check your spam folder! My email went into spam. You may no longer need to register an account with the latest version of the app.

3) Click ” Confirm” in the confirmation email.

4) Log in to your new account with the SimpleCommands app

5) The home screen will appear. Scroll down to Add/Remove items, then locate “myQ-openers”. Click ” Add”. To sync your MyQ email with SimpleCommands, you will be prompted.

6) Next, jump to the Alexa app and click MORE. Then go to GAMES.

7) Search the skill ” Kloee For SC”, and then ” Allow to Use”. After entering your SimpleCommands password and email address, you will be asked to give Alexa access through SimpleCommands.

8) Go back to the SimpleCommands App and click the Menu (three bars at the top) and then choose Routines.

9) Give the Routine a Name and then choose Create Routine.

10) Next, you will be promoted to add an item in a drop-down list of all connected devices. Click Add to locate your MyQ garage doors.

11 Choose the garage door command that you wish to control, then tap Add Command.

12 Once you have added your command, you will be taken to the Routines Page where you can see the Routine that you just created. To edit your newly created Routine, click on it

13 Scroll to the bottom of the Routine Edit screen and select ” Enable Voice Companion Alexa or Google Assistant

14: Turn the Enabled Voice Trigger on, and then add a phrase to your voice command!

15 Return to the Alexa App. Scroll down to ” Devices”. Tap the plus (+) symbol in the upper right.

16) Choose ” Add Device

17 Scroll down to select ” Other

18 Tap ” Find Devices

19 It is important to see at least one 1 scene found. Tap ” Done

20 Home Screen of Alexa App. Go to your menu and choose ” Routines


MyQ is not natively compatible with Alexa. However, SimpleCommands allows you to access your MyQ garage door using Alexa voice commands.

There are a few steps involved but it should not take more than 10-15 mins to establish a connection.

If you are only interested in closing your MyQ garage doors with Alexa, IFTTT is the best option. It’s very easy and seamless to integrate.

Security is a top priority. You can reduce the chance of a break-in by making your voice command clear and not too difficult to guess.



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