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Historically, these are the ten players with the most assists in football

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The list contains the top footballers that the world has ever seen.

A significant part and the most important factor in football is the goals. TV viewers and fans in the stadium wait for goals, and nothing creates an excitement like the sound of the ball striking the net. It is expected that goal-scorers go around receiving praise but the work they put into achieving the goal goes unnoticed. Assist players are able to achieve this because of their greater technical skill and distribution skills than the majority of attackers. Without them goal scorers’ tasks become 10 times more difficult.

So, a glance at the top assist providers will reveal an impressive list of footballers who have captivated fans with their keen eye for the perfect passing technique and their unselfish style of play. Here are the top 10 players with the most assists in football history.

  1. Steffen Hofmann – 209 assists

A relatively unnoticed name in comparison to the other names on this list of names is Steffan Hofmann. The former German player played the majority of his time at SK Rapid Wien in the Austrian Bundesliga, where he recorded 209 assists during his playing career.

Spain as well as FC Barcelona great Xavi is next on the list, with an assist total of 237. The Spaniard was a part of 17 seasons playing for FC Barcelona and played in over 500 games for the club. The club has won one FIFA World Cup winners’ medal, eight La Liga titles and four UEFA Champions League trophies among other awards, making him among the most decorated footballers around the globe.

He played for four years at Al Sad before retiring as an athlete and assuming the managerial position in the year 2019.

  1. Franck Ribery 246 assists

The former Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery gained fame in the club because of his service over the years and his huge contribution to their achievements. Former France international scored 182 assists and 124 goals for the Bavarians.

At 37 years old, he’s currently playing with Fiorentina in the Serie A as one of their oldest footballers at the moment in Serie A and has continued to increase his total of assists, which stands at 246 as of the present.

  1. Cesc Fabregas – – 248 assists

Cesc Fabregas has played for several of the most prestigious clubs in the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s Arsenal, Chelsea or Barcelona, the Spaniard has always been successful. In his 248 assists 114 were from his time in the Premier League. He’ll surely increase his 248 assists over the next few days to come, and will keep his sights set on the newcomers over him. His technical prowess is visible.

  1. Mesut Ozil – 258 assists

A player who became famous because of his amazing ability to spot the most difficult of angles. Mesut Ozil is next on the list of top assists, with 258 in the years. He played with Real Madrid, Arsenal and the German national team.


  1. Angel Di Maria – 261 assists

Angel Di Maria has had the honor of playing alongside Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar as well as other superstars. It is expected that due to his dazzling attacking skills He has put up an impressive number of assists that currently stands at 260.

With his outstanding and consistently good performance in the Ligue 1 club of Paris Saint-Germain, he will certainly add more points to his total as time goes by.


  1. Thomas Muller – 269 assists

The German’s Thomas Muller is next on the list of assists with the most in football history , with 269 of them. The Bayern Munich star is known for his creativity on the football field , and is considered to be one of the most clever players in the world of football.

Muller has his unique style of play in which Muller is able to move around in various positions. He is also capable of feeding teammates who are in a superior place to make a score.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 272 assists

As one of the top footballers on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo’s assist record is often overlooked in comparison to his incredible goalscoring feats. After making his name in the Premier League at Manchester United, Ronaldo truly realized his full potential when he joined Real Madrid, and is set to set the tone for his own blaze with his new club, the Serie A for Juventus.

In terms of the highest number of assists in the game, the Portuguese superstar has racked up scores of 132 assists to Real Madrid, 70 for Manchester United, 22 for Juventus and six to Sporting Lisbon at the club level. He assisted 42 times in his time in the Portugal team. Ronaldo is also the top goal scorer in the history of football.


  1. Luis Suarez – 277 assists

Luis Suarez has always been an essential aspect of FC Barcelona’s offensive ability and, since his transfer into Atletico Madrid, they will be aware of that. There was a time when Suarez along with Messi as well as Neymar were the strongest trio of footballers in the world.

The Uruguayan has scored more than 277 assists over the course of his legendary career and is a remarkable number for strikers.

In line with Ronaldo being among the greatest footballers ever to grace the field, Lionel Messi is a master of assists. He played his entire club career with FC Barcelona and has won every single thing that can be won at this level.

Record-holder for the most number of assists , which is 358 and it is likely to increase in the future, especially considering the excellence of this Six-time Ballon the Or champion. It is believed that the Argentine has also set the record of the highest number of goals played in the history of football.

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