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Houseplant stock price is an Elevated Canadian Cannabis Company.

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VANCOUVER, February 27, 2019, /CNW/ – Today is the official launch of Houseplant. This brand of recreation Why is CGC stock dropping? cannabis in Canada was created by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Canopy Growth (TSX WEED; NYSE:CGC), a global hemp and cannabis company.

Is Houseplant publicly traded?

Houseplant is the culmination of years of dedication and experience. Each element and expression has been carefully designed to help people love cannabis as much Houseplant does.

Seth rogen houseplant stock price is our passion that we have brought to life with drive and dedication,” stated Seth Rogen (Co-Founder). “Every decision that we made for the business is a reflection of the years of education and first-hand experience we have with cannabis.

Evan Goldberg, Co-Founder of Houseplant, stated, “We are so proud to launch Canada, our homeland. “After five years of hard work preparing for this company’s launch, we are excited to be able to share our passion for cannabis to Canadians in this manner.

Houseplant is committed to quality product and customer education. We deliver only the best cannabis products for Canadians. Houseplant strains can be enjoyed by both new and experienced users, thanks to their strategic partnership with Canopy Growth, the leader in Canadian cannabis production. Houseplant will launch three new strains in the next few months. Each one has a simple name (Houseplant Sativa/Houseplant Hybrid) and is easily identifiable.

Who owns Houseplant?

Houseplant Sativa will be available to purchase online and at provincially-regulated retailers in April 2019. Houseplant’s cannabis Houseplant Indica and Houseplant Hybrid strains will be available throughout the year. Soft gels and pre-rolled joints are also expected to soon be available in all parts of Canada.

Canopy Growth, Houseplant’s partner, is the leader in Canadian cannabis production. They contribute their expertise to Houseplant’s creativity through cutting-edge research and state-of-the art manufacturing capabilities.

“We have been getting acquainted with Houseplant for some time now and continue to be impressed by their understanding of cannabis consumers and attention to detail. They are driven towards their vision.” Mark Zekulin (President and Co-CEO at Canopy Growth). We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with them to achieve our common goal of making Houseplant the biggest cannabis brand in the world.

Houseplant places consumer education at its core. It is committed to offering a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. We are leaders in cannabis and have an obligation as such to create an industry that is committed to fixing everything wrong with cannabis. We are conscious of the racial injustices and will work closely alongside other leaders in the industry, lawyers, politicians, and nonprofits to help those who are wrongfully incarcerated.

Houseplant was founded in Canada by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Houseplant is a partnership with Canopy Growth Corporation. It offers strains of dried cannabis, softgel capsules, and pre-rolled joints throughout Canada. Houseplant is managed by proud Canadians based in Toronto. They are committed to the quality, education, guidance and elevation of cannabis to improve Canadians’ lives.

Canopy Growth Canopy Growth, a world-leading, diversified cannabis and hemp company offering distinctive brands and curated cannabis variety in softgel, oil, and dried forms, is the leading global diversified cannabis and cannabis company. Canopy Growth’s passion for leadership is what drives them to build a world-class company, one country, site, and product at a time. The Company operates in 12 countries on five continents. The Company’s proud commitment to education, clinical research and public understanding of cannabis is what it does through Canopy Health Innovations (partially owned subsidiary).

The Company has invested millions in cutting-edge, commercializ able research as well as IP development. The Company’s partially-owned subsidiary Canopy Rivers Corporation provides investment and resources to new market entrants. It also builds a portfolio of solid investments in this sector. Canopy Growth is proud to be a leader in shareholder value. This includes our historic public listing on both the Toronto Stock Exchange (NY Stock Exchange) and our ongoing international expansion. Canopy Growth established partnerships and alliances with top sector names, including Houseplant, which was founded by Canopy Growth.

Partnerships with top sector names include Houseplant, founded bySeth and Evan Goldberg, the cannabis icon Snoop dogg, DNA Genetics and Green House Seeds, as well as Fortune 500 alcohol leader Constellation Brands. Canopy Growth has ten licensed cannabis production facilities with over 4.3million square feet of production capacity. This includes over 500,000 square footage of GMP-certified production space.

Houseplant, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg to Launch Their Cannabis Brand in The USA

Houseplant is Evan Goldberg’s lifestyle and cannabis brand. It launched in the U.S.A on March 11.

The brand was launched in Canada in April 2019 by the cannabis giant Canopy Growth Corp.

CGC-5.67% + Get Free Alerts . It has been a celebrity-backed brand in the cannabis industry since then.

Houseplant informed Benzinga via email that Canopy will remain its licensee in Canada but is not involved with the launch in the United States.

Houseplant CEO Michael Mohr said that they are excited to launch in the US and bring cannabis products to fellow Californians, as well as an original line House Goods to consumers across the nation. Houseplant weed stock price co-founder and CEO Michael Mohr shared that Houseplant is able to deliver innovative, thoughtfully designed products that will improve the lives of many people all over the country.Houseplant will initially only be available in select California markets. The brand will then offer delivery services until it reaches dispensaries later in the spring. However, Houseplant’s home goods will start shipping across the country on March 11.

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