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How about a Zombie apocalypse by 2021? There is a preparedness guide from the CDC available

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What could make 2021 more dangerous than 2020? How about a zombie apocalypse?

There are some who claim that Nostradamus predicted the zombie apocalypse that would take place in 2021. In reference to the following passage the French philosopher wrote”Little young people: half dead to make a beginning. In spite of his death He will cause other people to shine, and in a heavenly place terrible evils will occur Sad notions will appear to destroy everyone in a manner that is palatable to the temporal, allowing the Mass to triumph. It’s not exactly what you would call a zombie or Apocalypse. The terms half-dead and great evils might refer to zombies, but they could be a reference to politicians too.

It’s unclear the fact that Nostradamus, also known as Michel de No stredame, actually wrote the passage. The attempts to contact Nostradamus have not been successful because he’s not on Twitter and he lived in the 1500’s.

If you believed that the U.S. was caught with its pants down and not prepared for the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, think of what might be the consequences should a zombie-apocalypse befall our nation. Are political leaders trying to downplay the issue by claiming that turning into a rotting corpse that has the body’s parts being ripped off isn’t too bad? Do they constantly claim that the end of the world was just around the edge? 

Do people have a debate about how many people have actually become zombies, and claiming that certain zombies were people who simply required a bit more sunlight? In fact, an excellent way to know the difference between a person who has turned into a zombie is to check if they try to devour your food. Do some politicians suggest a herd-immunity strategy where the nation lets the apocalypse take place? In the end, letting everybody become zombies could solve many issues like deciding what to wear on a daily basis and running out of toilet paper you know?

A zombie apocalypse is the biggest catastrophe that could happen and our country is probably not well-prepared for the possibility of such a catastrophe. However, that doesn’t mean the CDC does not have any advice. The CDC provides an article on Zombie Preparedness that contains helpful details. For instance, they suggest that you have an emergency kit at your home. It’s not just having a bag of avocado toast and Tequila. According to the CDC the emergency kit should include the following features:

Wasser: Store at least 1 gallon per person for every day when you suspect you could be in a situation of an emergency. It is recommended to store at least three days. A two-week supply would be much better. Of course, a zombie outbreak could last much longer, so storing over 1000 gallons might not be as easy.

Food Items: These must be non-perishable items , otherwise you could be unhappy when you’re in need of them. Be sure that the food you choose to eat covers all food groups and is as nutritious as it can be. After an extended period eating nothing but marshmallows may cause issues.

Medicines:These should be prescription or non-prescription medications that you might require. Keep in mind that a stash of nothing more than Viagra might not be as useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Tools and supplies:The CDC suggests having items like a knife and duct tape as well as a battery-powered radio. A smartphone might not be as useful in the event that the cell network or Internet drops. Remember that batteries powered radios aren’t able to snap selfies.

Hygiene and Sanitation: Examples include soap towels, bleach from the kitchen, which, in the end you shouldn’t inhale into your system.

Bedding and clothing: These should include clothes that offer adequate security. A thong collection alone such as a pair of thongs, for instance, could not meet this requirement.

Essential documents to have: The CDC specifically requires your driver’s license passport, passport, and birth certificate. The Starbucks loyalty cards and the Avengers membership card will probably not be of use in a Zombie zombie apocalypse.

First Aid items: The CDC does warn that a band-aid will not provide much relief for a bite from a zombie.

Fears of the possibility of a zombie attack aren’t the only reason to have these items in your home. They can be useful in virtually any type of emergency like a flood or hurricane, an earthquake, or a tornado.

The CDC recommends establishing an emergency plan for your family. It is important to identify the types of emergencies that can occur in your region. If you are able to think of an apocalypse of zombies and a hot dog shortage as possibilities, consider other possibilities. If you don’t live on Sesame Street featuring the lovable Mr. Snuffle upagus, every location has its own set of catastrophic disasters. The changing climate could cause new types of disasters that may be coming to your region soon.

Another advice from CDC is to select an area for your family to gather in the event of separation and are unable to return or remain in your home. In general, any horror film regardless of the genre, Nightmare Night , “The Cabin in the Woods” or Happy Gilmore You’ve been shown that telling yourself, “let’s split up, gang” could be negative, particularly when there’s no concrete plan to reunite. It is said that when you’re trying to escape from zombies, if you’re part of the group, you just must run quicker than the slowest within the group.

Another suggestion is to identify the emergency contact numbers. The list should contain more than Justin Bieber. It’s true that meeting the Biebs might be on your list of things to do But the police, firefighters, the physician, and perhaps an expert in zombie hunting like Milla Jovovich will serve better during an emergency. Also, “Yummy” is not the kind of song you’d like to sing to zombies.

A fourth recommendation from CDC is to prepare the route you will take to evacuate. You should know where to go to evacuate town fast in an emergency. Make a note of this route. Do not rely on Google maps to find your way during an emergency.

Much of the information provided on the CDC Zombie Preparedness website can be used in numerous situations, not just the zombie apocalypse. Except for expressions like

When zombies are hungry, they will not stop until they are fed (i.e. brains are brains (for instance).It has been reported that CDC has stated that the website was developed as a fun way to get people interested in their cause. This implies that the CDC doesn’t appear to be claiming an imminent zombie outbreak. will be happening in 2021 or anytime in the near future. Of course, this assumes that tongue-in-cheek can be described as something comparable to a sly over-exaggeration. An apocalypse of zombies could bring about a myriad of tongues hitting the cheeks of real people.

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