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How do I rename my Roku Streaming Device?

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It is difficult to identify the Roku devices because a user can carry more than one Roku device. Roku gave users the option to change the name of their Roku devices in order to address this problem. You can also rename your Roku device from the mobile app. You can choose the location where you want a Roku device to be placed and give it a name.

To identify your Roku device, you can name it using the Roku mobile application or your Roku account. It’s especially helpful if you have multiple devices. After the setup, you can rename your device using your Roku account. Here are the steps to rename your Roku streaming devices.

From your Roku account Step 1

You can access my.roku.com using your smartphone or computer.

Step 2

Sign in to Roku with your username and password if prompted ‘Username’ And ‘Password. If you have forgotten your password, try the forget password option.

Step 3

Choose the ‘My Linked Devices’ Scroll down to see more options

This will display all of your connected devices along with their current names, serial numbers, and other details.

You can only find the serial number if you don’t have a name for your Roku device. The About option in settings will allow you to find the serial number for your Roku device.

Step 4

Choose the ‘Rename’ Link to rename Roku device

You can change the Roku device’s name by clicking on the room in which it is located, and then enter the name you want.

Now you can rename your Roku streaming device.

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