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How long can a truck accident settlement take?

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Every accident is different, and therefore settlements can have a different timeline. Your settlement might take little time if you have not faced severe injury or a major truck accident. But, the settlement can take longer than expected if you were caught in a severe truck accident. Moreover, if you hire an experienced Stockton truck accident attorney, your settlement process can speed up. A good lawyer knows how to negotiate and get you what you deserve. Negotiating alone can be challenging due to the following reasons: 

  1. Paperwork: Legal work is complex, and only a professional can quickly complete all the legal paperwork. To file a lawsuit on time, you must complete all your law work. Correct paperwork means you have a higher chance of getting your settlement quickly.
  2. Insurance Companies: After an accident, you’ll need to claim insurance for the damages suffered by you. However, insurance companies take time to revert to you and approve your claim. They’ll also try to reduce the claim amount for various reasons. Hence, the timeline for your settlement will depend on how long the insurance company takes to respond.
  3. Degree of Damage: Truck accidents often result in severe injuries. Some accidents can cause permanent damage, and you might need time for recovery. If your medical recovery takes time, you will present the medical bill late. And the settlement amount can be decided only after your medical expenditure is determined. Hence, the settlement timeline also varies depending on the damage you face.
  4. Liability Investigation: The truck accident investigation takes longer than any other accident. The more time it takes to determine who is at fault, the more delay it will cause in finalizing the settlement. Many criteria are considered to find out who is to blame and what claims must be made.

Trucks operate under many federal laws. There are many rules and regulations that a truck driver or a trucking company has to follow. So, when there is a truck accident, it takes more time to get to the final settlement. Gathering evidence, checking if the rules and regulations were violated, the severity of the damage, who is the truck driver’s or trucking company’s insurance provider, and other similar factors are time taking. After all these steps are considered and examined by the authority, negotiations occur where people finally come to a settlement offer. If you are willing to receive fair compensation for your loss, ensure that you have an excellent lawyer to represent you.

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