How Mortal Kombat ended: Who is Cole Young?


Mortal Kombat is finally available in the US. Warner Bros. has released an R-rated movie based on the video game fighting series. It’s available now on HBO Max. However, it’s quite clunky overall.

You’re still reading this explanation article to learn more about Mortal Kombat’s end. After the credits roll, there are some things to consider. You may also have questions about the future of the movie series, or if there is a Mortal Kombat 2.

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This page will explain Cole Young’s ties to Scorpion and how the movie ended. We’ll also discuss whether or not there’ll ever be a sequel based on the last scene tease.

We’re about to enter spoiler territory. You can’t click on this article if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

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Mortal Kombat’s ending explained: Is Cole Young Scorpion his son?

Cole Young is a unique character that was created for the 2021 Mortal Kombat film. He has not appeared in any video games, but that doesn’t mean he’s not tied to one the most beloved characters of the series.

It turns out Cole is a descendant from Hanzo Hasashi who is one the greatest ninjas ever to live and who eventually becomes Scorpion.

In the movie’s first scene, Hanzo and Bi Han fight in a final battle. Sub-Zero defeats Hanzo, and Hanzo is left to die believing he has ended the Hasashi bloodline.

Hanzo is awakened by the cry of his youngest child, which Hanzo’s wife had kept in a safe area of their house prior to Sub-Zero attacking. Hanzo attempts desperately to reach them, but dies in the process. His soul is consumed by revenge and becomes stuck in Hell waiting for someone to release him as Scorpion to seek justice.

Just moments after Hanzo’s passing, Lord Raiden, the Thunder God, arrives and saves Hanzo’s infant daughter. Raiden saves the Hasashi bloodline by doing this. This is crucial if the ancient prophecy regarding the Hasashi family is true. This prediction is foreshadowing the coming of a new Hasashi champion who will unify Earthworld’s greatest fighters to stop the evil Outworld from destroying the planet.

Centuries later Cole is born with a dragon mark on his forehead, which makes him one of Earthworld’s champions. Although he’s a descendant from the Hasashi bloodline he’s not Scorpion’s child.


Hanzo and his family were murdered in 1617. Mortal Kombat is now taking place. Cole can be considered Hanzo’s son, but his Shirai Ryu clan and Hanzo are Cole’s ancestors.

Mortal Kombat’s ending: Looking for Johnny Cage


Mortal Kombat’s end sees Lord Raiden, his Earthworld champions, and Shang Tsung’s Outworld invaders fighting for Earth’s future.

Cole proposes a plan for Shang Tsung to divide his forces, engage them in one on one fights, and then kill Kung Lao. Cole’s plan is accepted by the group, but Raiden presents Cole with Hanzo’s kunai so that he can use it in the Sub-Zero final showdown. Raiden saved Hanzo’s girl in 1617 and secured the kunai knowing it would be useful one day.

Jax and Kabal are killed by Jax, and Reiko and Kabal are defeated respectively by Liu Kang. Kano is taken out of the picture by Sonya Blade. As per Mortal Kombat rules, the dragon mark of the latter transfers to Sonya and she uses her newfound abilities for Cole’s defeat.

Sub-Zero arrives, and Earth’s champions are ready to defeat him. Shang Tsung has left his other warriors behind. Sub-Zero captures Cole’s wife, and their daughter, mirroring the fight with Hanzo at the beginning of the movie. He then lures Cole into a one on one battle at Cole’s cage fighting dojo.

Sub-Zero is no match for Cole and he unknowingly mixes his blood with Hanzo to free Scorpion from Hell. Scorpion recognizes Cole and the two of them team up to rescue Cole and subdue Subzero. Scorpion appears to kill Sub-Zero using hellfire breath, and asks Cole for help with the Hasashi bloodline.


Cole and Raiden are reunited with Cole by the other champions, but their joy is short-lived when Shang Tsung arrives. He informs Raiden that an army will be returning to Earth, and sends Subzero’s and Goros’ seemingly dead bodies to Outworld. Before Raiden banishes Shang Tsung to Earth. Raiden informs Cole and the other survivors that Shang Tsung will return, and sends them off together to find new champions.

The final scene shows Cole clearing out his cage fighting locker, and telling his former employer that his goal is to find someone in Los Angeles. As Cole leaves, the camera pans to a poster that hangs on the wall. This confirms that he is going west to recruit Johnny Cage.

Mortal Kombat’s ending: Will there be a sequel to it?


The final moments of Mortal Kombat are a clear indication. Although Johnny Cage is Cole’s first assignment, there were other fan favorites that didn’t make it into the movie. Cole, Sonya, and the other champions must find more information to convince them to join Raiden’s cause. This is likely to be Mortal Kombat 2.

Joe Taslim (Bi-Han/Subzero) has already stated that he is interested in four more movies if his first film is a success. The film has so far earned less than $20 million worldwide, but that will be a limitation due to the fact that there are many international cinemas open.

The success of Mortal Kombat in the US and on HBO Max will determine whether a sequel is possible. The movie currently has a 55% approval rate on Rotten tomatoes. Although it hasn’t been a hit with critics, the movie’s HBO Max viewing numbers and domestic box office haul may convince Warner Bros. that they will allow a sequel. Although it’s not clear if Simon McQuoid will be granted another entry in the series at this time, fans will still hope for one.



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