How Much 28.8 Acres of Land Cost?


Are you aware of the exact value of an acre property in your country or state? The knowledge of these matters is crucial in the event that you’re considering and looking to purchase land. It is because sellers are able to deceive you and charge extra in the event that you are not aware of the current rates. Even if you’re trying to find this information on your own it is recommended to expand your knowledge.

So, we present to you this article that will provide the answer to the question: What is the cost of 28.8 acres of land Cost in this area in the United States and provide you with the elements that determine this cost.

How Much is An Acre of Land?

In the past an acre was regarded as a piece of land that measured at least 660 feet long, today the typical size of an acre of land is 4840 sq yards. This is roughly equivalent to approximately 4,046.86 sq meters.

If you’re trying to imagine an acre of ground, you can envision a football field. However, the football field is slightly larger.

What Factors Decide The Price of The Land?

Before we can answer What’s 28.8 Acres Land Worth, we want to share with you the variables that affect this figure.

The land’s surface is sloped or flat and if it is served by utilities, or can be installed easily and also if it has roads that are paved nearby. Another element that determines the price is how the land is used.

But, the most important factor that determines a land’s value is the geographical location. The value of land in various states within the US differs from $1,558 for an acre for Wyoming and $196,410 within New Jersey. However, the average price per acre for land across the US is totally different.

Therefore, make sure to check the exact location of your property and check the cost per-acre property in the same region.

How Much 28.8 Acres of Land Cost?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of the land is contingent on the location of the land and is different from state-to-state within the United States. But, here’s the answer to your query regarding particular states:

South Dakota

  • Value per acre- $2,135
  • Value of 28.8 acres – $61,488


  • Value per acre- $7,364
  • Value of 28.8 acres – $212,083.2


  • Value per acre- $1,558
  • Value of 28.8 acres – $44,870.4

New Mexico

  • Value per acre- $1,931
  • Value of 28.8 acres – $55,612.8


  • Value per acre- $39,092
  • Valuation of 28.8 acres – $1,125,849.6

Once you have the answer to the question: What is 28.8 acres of land Worth in various states, you should be aware that the approximate worth of one acre within the US is $12,000. This 28.8 acres of property in the US cost $3,456,600. Visit this page if you would like to know the cost for land in other states.

Wrapping It All

The simple response to this question would be that you can’t determine the exact cost for land, without understanding its area and other aspects that are related to the land. As mentioned in the previous article it is possible to get an approximate estimate of the amount 28.8 acres of land Cost. In case you’re not from the US, take a look at the cost of the land you live in.

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