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How Much Does a Fashion Stylist Make

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The secret of extraordinary style is that you feel good whatever you wear! When you buy something then fashion stylists are here to guide you that what suits you as fashion changes with time. A fashion stylist is one of the most demanding professions in the world of fashion. And most fashion stylists work with photographers, hairstylists, and makeup artists to know the specific look for specific events.

Now the question is How much does a fashion stylist make so the answer is there are different levels of salaries. Starting pay scale of fashion stylists may be less than $37,260, according to the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics. The salaries of fashion stylists as an intern are $150 to $200 per day, according to the fashion schools-a website that outlines the schools and fashion careers.

Salaries-How Much Does a Fashion Stylist Make

Inexperienced Fashion Stylist

At this level of job, you need some references to obtain an internship and any kind of project. According to the Fashion school website, the starting salary of a fashion stylist is on average $200.

Mid-Level Salaries

At mid-level means, you have some experience as a fashion stylist of one to two years, your position in the company, and the company standard. Fashion school outlined that at this level company may hire you as an assistant fashion stylist. And as assistant fashion stylists, their salaries may vary from $500 to $5000 per day. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, the average salary for a mid-level fashion stylist is $73,790.

Professional Fashion Stylist

At this level, you gained much experience and clients trust your skills of styling then there is more chance that you may have a handsome salary. When you are at an experienced level then you may work on a daily basis with clients. According to the Bureau of labor statistics, the highest-paid salaries of fashion stylists are more than $149,010. Fashion style websites outline the salaries of the highest-paid stylists are $10,000.

Salary per Hour of Fashion Stylist

Fashion stylists may earn $21 per hour and more. In this way, fashion stylists earn hourly, weekly, and monthly. The annual salary of a fashion stylist is $44,274.

Fashion Stylists Responsibilities

There are many responsibilities for the fashion stylists as they have to prepare the models according to the event. Let’s have a look at some prominent duties of fashion stylists that they have to follow:

  • Fashion stylists have to work in the hair artists, makeup artists, tailors, boutiques, designers, photographers, publicists, members of the media, retailers, and public figures.
  • Choosing clothes and accessories according to the event such as music videos, concerts, advertisements, films, TV shows, and serials.
  • If any model and person hire the fashion stylist personally then they responsibilities to the style of them according to the event like marriages ceremony, birthday party, family gatherings, and many others.
  • Produce the image for celebrities.
  • Fashion stylists have to choose the fabric of the cloth, stitching, and design of the dress. And the other accessories like jewelry, shoes, and handbags are chosen by fashion stylists.
  • They have to attend different fashion shows.
  • Fashion stylists must anticipate fashion trends.
  • Collecting clothes from different brands from different manufacturers is done by fashion stylists.
  • Professional networks must be built by fashion stylists.

Working Places for Fashion Stylist

There are opportunities to work in the following places:

  • They have to work on the set of television commercials and print advertisements.
  • On the professional photoshoots
  • Fashion stylists must have on the politician campaigns to the maintenance of candidate appearance.
  • Sports team consultation by fashion stylist.
  • On the sets of television shows including morning shows, drama serials, any award shows, and movies.
  • For public figures appears on the screen, fashion stylists are the important part and they may hire them personally.

Tips for Successful Fashion stylist

If you want to be a fashion stylist then some tips are suggested to you according to the client’s demand. We have penned down the following tips:

  • Networking Skills

As a fashion stylist, you have to make yourself more experienced according to the fashion, As fashion trends are change day by day. For this purpose, fashion stylist needs strong network with brands, makeup artists, hairstylists, media and public figures. They have to attend different fashion-based conferences, workshops, and many other events related to fashion.

  • Personnel and Professional Connection

For the accomplishment of new style clients, personal relationship is an essential element for fashion stylists. While some fashion stylists may get noticed by the appearance of their clients at any event. And most of the people came to know about fashion stylists from their existing clients. When you have strong relationships with clients then you can be a good and successful person.

  • Confidence

Fashion stylists must be confident for self-promotion and not need to be shy. And try to go to parties and events so that people may know you. Confidence is an essential part of the fashion stylist’s life.

  • Experience

In this field you have to be more experienced as when you are going for the interview with any public figure, then they have nothing to do with your degree but they count your experience in the industry.

  • Stay Updated

Fashion stylists must have to stay up to date because when they know the fashion trends then they can manage their client’s responsibilities.

  • Income-How Much Does a Fashion Stylist Make

Done expect too much income from the first day. As when you are going to start any job or work about fashion then the first question arises in mind how much does a fashion stylist make? So you have to be patient and work hard to gain experience and success will be yours.

Final Thoughts

Fashion is an evergreen field that anyone may choose and if you want to be in the field of fashion then the best pick-up is a fashion stylist. But the question is how much does a fashion stylist make? It all depends on the experience you have in the industry. So it’s different and we cant say that this salary is fixed. So do your hard work and be patient and enjoy the time that you are spending in the field. In the end, we just say Buy Less, Choose Well, and make it last!

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