How to Complete the Chipping Away Quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


Chipping Away can be a fun quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. However, there are some stumbling blocks. This guide will help players navigate it.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a lot to offer. There are many adventures and places to visit, as well as goodies to collect. Eivor will find many ways to help the Vikings in England during this Viking odyssey. The DLC content keeps expanding and new challenges keep it fresh. Eadwyn, a rival ruler of Oxenefordscire is one of the most important events in the game.

Eivor is assigned to destroy her supply chains and neutralize troop reinforcements in an attempt to stop her plans of gaining power and forging an allegiance with the Wessex King. The quest “Chipping Away” is fun, but it can be tricky to find the right points of interest. This guide will provide information about the Assassin’s Creed Vahalla quest as well as highlight the locations Eivor must visit to complete it.

About the Chipping Away Quest and Where To Find It

Eivor will receive the quest “Chipping Away” after meeting their brothers Sigurd and Basim in the Brewing Rebellion quest. This quest requires Eivor to help the Viking destroy supply cars and pick off guards nearby, which greatly weakens the Anglo-Saxon ruler Eadwyn on Oxenefordscire.

This region has a suggested power of 90. Be sure to keep your score at least 12 points while exploring and fighting through the area. This quest will award you a substantial 5100 XP.

The Quest’s Location

You can find the quest in Oxenefordscire on the road between Buckingham & Leah Villa Garrison. Anglo-Saxon soldiers are seen in small groups, crouching on a ledge nearby the road. One of them will have a quest mark above him. This is located to the northwest from Linforda, directly underneath the Thaerelea Ruins Viewpoint. Linforda, the town on the east side of Oxenefordscire’s northern border, is Linforda. Talk to the soldier to start this quest.

Once the quest has been initiated, a progress meter will be displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. This will show how many supplies have been destroyed so far.

Note: Eivor may start this mission partially complete, since it is possible for players have destroyed some of the supplies before. Players will have to search for each location in Oxenefordscire if they are unable to make progress.

The Locations of the Supply Crates

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Chipping Away supply crate location marked on map

Although picking up Eadwyn’s reinforcements and destroying the crates is easy, finding the location of enemy encampments can be difficult. Because waypoints are not always visible if they aren’t in close proximity, This guide will show you where to find each one. The basic idea is that players will travel clockwise through the northern and central regions of Oxenefordscire starting at the Thaerelea Ruins viewpoint.

The first area of importance is located to the east and southeast of Buckingham. This is just a short distance from the Viewpoint, where the quest began. A small camp will be established in the forest close to Thaerelea Ruins.

Next, head to the east and cross the river to reach the second location.

To find the third crate make the long journey westward through Oxenefordscire until you reach Oxenforda, which is to the southwest.

If possible, fast travel to reach a destination that is closer.

There are many other tasks and collectibles that can be done here. For now, you should focus on the supply crates, and any guards nearby.

The fourth is to follow the river through the woods until you reach a spot a little further southwest of Buckingham.

Cross the river to find the fifth and last crate location. Continue north until you reach a few points of interest in the far north of Oxenefordscire.

Alternativly, you might consider fast traveling back to the Viewpoint, where the quest began. Then, head northwestward.

Final step: Return to Buckingham to complete this quest.

Not all quests require completion of the Fiery Ambush quest. This will fill up the progress bar, and complete the Chipping Away quest. This quest is located in the southwestern part of Oxeneforscire.

Eivor will be responsible for placing red oil jugs along the main road to trap approaching foot soldiers. While you wait for the troops to approach, hide from a distance. Fire upon the jugs once they are near you. This will set off an explosion and bring down the troops.

Quest Tips

  • Split image from Assassins Creed Valhalla of Eivor lying in bushes next to guards and Raven flying
  • Once these locations have been found, it is not difficult to complete the tasks. It’s important to be cautious when approaching Eivor, as Eivor could get overwhelmed by the troops if it isn’t prepared. To make it easier, keep these tips in mind.
  • Instead of rushing the soldiers, you can sneak around the edges of each area. Instead of swinging your weapon, you might consider picking up enemy soldiers from afar.
  • Eivor’s Raven is a great tool to help you scout the area. It covers more ground in a shorter time and gives you a better chance to find these places. A green glow will be applied to the area around the point of interest.
  • Get the torch and throw it at the back of the crates. Watch the chaos unfold from your seat.
  • To hit these areas, you can also use flamingarrows or flaming cups.
  • Click here to see which Abilities can cause the greatest havoc and do the most damage to these soldiers.


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