How to deal with an Xbox One that won’t update?


Here are some tips to help you get back into the game quickly


There are many ways that Xbox One system updates can fail. Typically, you will see the following messages if your console does not complete the update process:


  • Something went wrong
  • The update was not successful
  • Error codes like 800072xxx
  • Error codes like Exxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
  • Your Xbox is nearly full


Although the last three digits of an error code can be different, they all indicate system updates problems.

You may also experience one of these problems, which aren’t related to error messages.


  • Your Xbox One could get stuck in the screen startup animation with your Xbox logo.
  • After the startup animation, your console might display a black screen. Then it may load into an unresponsive home screen.


Xbox One Update Errors: Causes

There are a few possible causes why your Xbox One does not update. There are several possible causes.


  • Hardware issues are causing your console to have problems.
  • Your Xbox One has been disconnected from the Internet.
  • Your hard drive is full.



How to fix Xbox One Update Errors

There are many ways that an Xbox One system update error could manifest, but these solutions can resolve almost every updating problem. They are easy to do.


These are the most common ways to fix Xbox One updates errors


  1. Start your Xbox One. Sometimes, your Xbox One needs a little push to complete its update. This option will resolve issues such as error codes and stuck loading screens.
    To open a menu, press and hold the Xbox buttons in the middle of the controller. Next, select Restart Console.

  2. Power-cycle your Xbox One by removing the “Something Went Wrong” screen. Select Restart this Xbox if your screen displays the message “Something Went Wrong”. Wait for your console to restart and then check if it is able to complete the update. If the update fails, turn off your Xbox and unplug it. Turn it on and plug it back in.
    If the Something went wrong screen doesn’t appear, you can power cycle your Xbox by pressing the power button for at least 10 second. To turn the Xbox on again, hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds after it turns off.
  3. Reset your Xbox One. If your Xbox One is experiencing an error code or message, a soft reset can be performed to help complete the update. Resetting is not the same as restarting but it’s much less severe than a complete factory reset.

  4. Check your network connection. An error in the network connection could cause an Xbox One update to fail. You can test your network connection if you have access to the troubleshooter or your console boots normally.
    The error 8B050033 means that the update is unavailable. The Xbox servers may not be working if your network and internet connections are stable. You can wait and then try the update.
  5. Download and update your Xbox One offline. An offline update is a solution for Xbox Ones that fail to update because of issues such as Xbox network problems or corrupted data. This tactic can be used if neither restarting or resetting works, or if there are network problems.
    The bind button allows you to sync your wireless controller and the eject buttons allow you to eject a disk.
  6. Clear space from your hard drive If there is not enough space on your Xbox One to download and install the update, it can cause an Xbox One update to fail. If your Xbox One displays an error message stating that it is nearly full, uninstalling apps and games can usually fix the problem.
    External storage media is supported by the Xbox One. You can clear space by plugging in an external USB drive and moving some games to it.
  7. Factory reset your Xbox One. This fix should not be attempted until you have exhausted all other options. A factory reset will permanently erase all your game saves and files locally.

  8. Microsoft Support. If none of these solutions work and your console still doesn’t have the latest version, you might have a hardware problem. If that happens, Microsoft will be notified.
    Although error codes can be used to get specific help from Microsoft technical support staff, almost all error codes have the same fixes. There are a few exceptions to this rule. However, there are a few exceptions. An error code beginning with 8B050033 is usually indicative of an Xbox server problem. A code starting with E100 is an indication that your hardware may be out of order.



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