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How To Decorate Office For Productivity?

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Do you own a business? Are you looking to improve workspace standards for better productivity? If you’re looking to decorate your office, then you’ve come to the right place for ideas and inspiration. It doesn’t matter if it is at home, or if you have much larger commercial premises. 

The scale of refurbishment required will depend on the nature of your business, the number of employees, and the collective role of everyone in that space – especially if the goal is to boost productivity, and, in the long term, maximize business profits. 


You don’t need to be extravagant when planning to redecorate your office. The best way forward is minimal when it comes to equipment. The more simple and less clutter, then the better it is for your mind, and the practicability when physically moving from A to B within the room. Making it much easier to navigate when working is one vital strategy for boosting productivity. 

Look at your actual day-to-day work processes, and in a notebook, jot down ways and ideas you can improve on them. E.g. If your desk is cluttered with stock, paperwork, and electronics, then maybe it’s time to make space and invest in a storage unit, shelves, and filing cabinets

Separating items and equipment into their own independent spaces can be daunting at first, but you’ll be very surprised at how good this will be in not only clearing your office space but also clearing your mind, too. 

Other ideas for when renovating an office to better productivity:

  • A very organized filing system for official paperwork. A filing cabinet is essential for keeping the desk clutter-free.  
  • Upgrade and replace technology like phones and computers. More modern products will reduce wiring (it might even get rid of the whole wire mesh altogether), and enhance I.T performance. 
  • In your notebook, write down the general feeling of your office – is there a lot of space to move? Is it comfortable to work in, or, does it feel like you’re boxed in a room with no room to breathe? If it’s the latter answer, then you know a lot needs to be done to change that vibe. How do you feel in the first 5 seconds you walk into your office? (even better, if you can, take a break from your area for around a week, or even a fortnight – and then check that feeling of when you first walk in). You’ll find a lot of information in that, so make sure you write down everything you feel and even try to catch the smell of the room.

When you first walk into your office, what is the first thing you feel? The first thing you see? Smell? And, even sound can play a vital difference. If you’re lucky to be out in the countryside, then you may get the sounds of surrounding nature like birds chirping. You can make the most of that benefit by opening the window to improve the mood and well-being of the workspace, without having to do anything. 

Ensure you make the most of and include the natural benefits of your workstation, even if it’s coming from outside. Position the room to highlight the window with the best view etc.  

Also note: 

Depending on the staff numbers you’re catering to, it is going to affect how personalized you can make the office style. 

If the office is for your benefit, then you can aim to make this area as comfortable and fun as possible. However, in a room with a team of employees, you’re aiming to keep it professional, engaging, and motivating on a slightly bigger scale, and you’ll need to take more notice of health and safety regulations. 

Colour & Style

There are many colors and styles you can go for, especially if you want to offer your artistic personality to the office area. You can add on the artwork, unique furniture, photographs, and any other trendy office decor. 


If you want to keep the area professional, modern and minimal, then go for a black and white theme. The white spaces give room for adding contrasting colors, reflecting natural light, and making the darker shades stand out a lot more. “Pure Brilliant White” from most DIY stores is a very bright whitest of whites and is a recommended shade. Your walls will glow in a very pure and clean style.

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