How to delete an old computer name from the network in Windows 10


What to do if Windows 10 doesn’t automatically delete shared computers?


  • Flushdns and release are all ways to refresh ipconfig information using an elevated Command Prompt.
  • Settings>> Network and Internet > Network Sharing Center > Manage Wireless Networks, Click Removing Network From Old Devices
  • Use the administration panel to restrict access and remove unidentified computers.

This article will explain how to get rid of an old computer that’s not available or connected using the network details in Windows 10.

Why does an old computer show up on the Windows 10 Network Details page.

Windows 10 will usually remove older computers from the network list. If this doesn’t happen, you can manually remove them.

There may be two entries in your computer’s name change history. The name may still appear in both cases if the computer has not been updated automatically.

How can I get rid of an old computer showing under Network in Windows 10

This is how you get rid of an older computer and force it to refresh.

Only administrators can make system-related changes on a Windows computer’s computer name or perform network upgrades, such as removing an older computer.

  1. Type cmd using the Windows search bar

  2. Under Best Match, you will see an application called Command prompt. Right click the icon to choose Run as Administrator.

  3. Windows UAC will ask permission for Command Prompt to be opened as an administrator.

  4. Open the Command Prompt window. Type the following, including spaces, and hit.

  5. Enter the following into the Command Prompt window. Enter: .

  6. Follow these instructions in the Command Prompt window. Enter the following by pressing Enter

  7. Once you are done with each task, restart the computer.

Your old computer should be removed from the network details after the computer has restarted and you log in.

How can I delete my computer name from Windows 10

Windows 10 can’t be used to delete the computer’s names. Old titles and computers with similar names can be renamed.

You also have the option to edit the owner’s name, or alter your account names.

How can I delete a shared computer in my network?

Shared computers can be removed from Wi-Fi networks connected to your office or home.

Only the computer where you want to delete is allowed to do this

These are the steps you need to take to safely remove an old computer from your network.

  1. To open the Windows Start Menu, press Windows Key. Or click on the Start Menu button in the lower right.

  2. Navigate To Settings>>Network & Internet >Network Sharing Center.

  3. The window will open. Click Manage wireless networks.
    If you are not connected to Wi Fi or a wired connection, the Manage Wireless Networks button will not appear.
  4. Find the name of your network to be removed from the list. Right-click the network and choose Remove Network.

How can I remove an unidentified computer from my network?

Windows can’t be used to block unknown computers from your network.


There are steps you can take to remove unknown computers or devices.


  • Change the Wi-Fi password that you used to connect with your router. Reconnect all devices after you have done this
  • Set your router’s administrator password. Use strong password techniques when changing your password.
  • If WPS security is enabled, disable it.



  • How do I change the network name in Windows 10?
    To change the network name for Windows 10, use the Windows Registry. Put “Network Name” in the search box”
    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Profiles to navigate to the network profiles key. Double-click on the Profile to open it. In the Value field, type your new name.
  • Where can I find my Windows 10 network IP?
    The Control Panel’s Network & Sharing Center will display your network profile name. Next, select Network & Sharing Center. If that fails, you can use Windows’ search feature to find it.



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