How to fix a Dell laptop which won’t turn off


Your Dell laptop may not turn on or fail to turn on due to a hardware or software problem. We can help you fix any problem with your Dell laptop.

My Dell laptop is not turning on.

There are many reasons why your Dell laptop may not turn on.

  • Problems with the power supply or battery
  • Hardware failures
  • Viral and other malware
  • Corrupted BIOS
  • Files created by corrupt Windows

Your Dell laptop may not turn on when you plug it in. This could be caused by a problem with either the internal hardware or power supply. The computer won’t turn on when it starts. This indicates that you have a software problem.

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How to fix a Dell laptop not working

These are the steps you need to take in order to fix a Dell not turning on. These steps range from the most basic and obvious to more complicated solutions.

  1. Make sure you check your power supply. If your computer’s lights don’t turn on after pressing the power button, you will need to replace the power supply. Even if your computer turns on, the cable could still be damaged. You will need to use a multimeter to test the power supply unit.


  1. Any USB storage devices should be removed. Your computer may be trying to boot from an incorrect drive. This will fix the problem. Modify the boot order to ensure your hard drive is on the top of the list.


  1. Turn off your Dell laptop. Turn off your Dell laptop and unplug external devices like USB drives, printers, and so on. For about 15-20 seconds, keep the power button down. You will lose any remaining power. Plug in the charger once more and verify that your computer turns on.


  1. The battery should be disconnected. The problem could be with the battery. You can replace the battery on older Dell laptops, although it is not possible to remove it.


  1. The Dell PC Diagnostic Tool is a great tool. You can use the built-in diagnostic tool in Dell computers to identify problems when your computer stops starting. It won’t fix the problem automatically, but it can provide you with an error code that will help you find the correct direction.


  1. Start Windows Safe Mode. If your computer is not turning on or Windows won’t start, you can go to Safe Mode. You can then scan your computer for viruses, and uninstall any programs that might be causing problems at startup.


  1. Remove malware from your Dell laptop. When your computer is infected by viruses or malware, it can freeze. Start antivirus software and put your computer in safe mode to check for security threats.


  1. Clear the system BIOS. To reset your motherboard’s BIOS settings, clear the CMOS. Problems with booting can be fixed by restoring the system BIOS settings to their default settings.


  1. Contact customer service for more information. Visit Dell’s support site. To find the right information, search for your model. If your laptop is still under warranty, you may be eligible to have it repaired or replaced at no cost.


  1. Reset your computer. If your computer is not turning on or turning on but still won’t work, you can try the factory reset. This will return your computer back to the original state it was in when it was purchased.


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