How to Fix Bumble Matches


It is much easier to solve a low match rate than you might think.

People love to use Bumble to swipe right at the profiles of people they like. If someone swipes right on your profile, you won’t get matched.

Bumble: No matches

There are four reasons why Bumble may not match your profile.

  • Your profile is not complete. Your profile is not being shown to the most relevant users. Your profile may not be attractive enough to users, which can cause them to give up on you.
  • The settings you have created don’t work
  • Select who you swipe right on. It is possible that you are missing potential matches simply because you only view the top profiles.
  • Bumble is not the right match for you. People who use Bumble are looking for serious relationships. If you have a profile suggesting otherwise, it may explain why you’re getting a lot of passes and no matches.

How do you fix a poorly filled profile

This is a suggestion to someone who was fast to complete their Bumble profile or skipped it completely:

  1. Open the Bumble app, and tap on the Profil icon. Next, tap Editicon.
  2. Verify that you are logged in. Click To verify your account.
    Take a picture of yourself making a specific hand gesture.
  3. Upload quality photos and fill out all six slots. + (+ Sign)
    Photograph yourself smiling in different settings. Avoid taking photos of yourself in groups or using photos that cover your face (sunglasses or shadows, for instance ).).
  4. Make your personality shine with the Profile Prompts section.
    Although you can only use one profile prompt per session You can try multiple to see if you have more success in finding matches.
  5. Complete your About Me, Education, and Basic Info sections.


How to Fix Your Bumble Settings

It is important to select the best filters to use in your profile search. You might also want to increase your age range and distance.

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in the upper-left corner.
  2. Click Filters to open To set advanced date/BFF/Bizz filters, tap
    To ensure only verified profiles appear in your searches, you can tap Verified Profils only
  3. Scroll through the filters and tap . To add this filter, select the one you wish to use .
  4. Step 4 again with another filter
    Check that the Apply filters toggle has been turned on at the top. If you have upgraded to BumbleBoost, you can apply filters to your search.
  5. You can adjust your age range by moving the yellow markers to the Age scale.


  1. Drag the yellow marker to the Distance scale to adjust your desired distance.

How to Fix Your Bumble Swiping Habits

This will help you to be less picky about swiping and more open to communicating with like-minded people. You don’t have any obligation to continue communicating if the match doesn’t go through.

Bumble SuperSwipes can also be used to target certain profiles. This will increase your chances of meeting someone you like.

How to Fix Being a Bad Bumble

Users of Bumble use the platform to make meaningful connections, and then to commit to a relationship.

Tinder might be a good option. Tinder is similar to Bumble, but it is much more casual than Bumble.


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