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How to fix iPhone 12 stuck on Apple Logo.

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Your iPhone 12 has been frozen when you tried to turn it on. Although iPhones take some time to start up, it eventually becomes unreasonable. This article will show you how to fix an iPhone 12 stuck on the Apple logo.

Is my iPhone 12 stuck on the Apple logo?

An iPhone’s battery is turned off, and it then starts to run a series tests to ensure that both the hardware and software work properly. Your iPhone 12 may display the Apple logo if it detects something is wrong.

Your iPhone 12 may be stuck on the Apple logo if it is a sign that something went wrong when it was booted up. To determine if your device is experiencing serious problems, it’s worth troubleshooting this issue.

Have you synced your iPhone 12 to your computer recently?

Your iPhone 12 may have a software problem if it was connected to your computer recently for an iOS backup, restore, or update. This is especially true if the iPhone 12 was accidentally unplugged during data transfer.

It is possible for your iPhone 12 to become unusable if only a portion of the update has been downloaded. Apple has an article about third-party security software and how it relates to iTunes.

It is also a good idea to inspect your Lightning cable as well as the Lightning port on your iPhone 12. These components could cause your iPhone to lose its ability to connect with a computer if they are damaged.

Is My iPhone 12 Broken?

Your iPhone 12 could have a hardware or software problem that causes it to stick on the Apple logo. It could be software or hardware related. Your iPhone 12 is not turning on. These steps will help you identify and fix the problem that is preventing your iPhone 12 from turning on.

Hard Reset Your iPhone 12

If your iPhone 12 has stuck on the Apple logo, a hard reset is the fastest way to fix it. Although it won’t fix software problems, it will unfreeze your iPhone 12.

For a hard reset of your iPhone 12, release the volume button. Next, release the down button and press the side button. Keep holding the side button down until the screen turns black and the Apple logo appears.

You might need to hold down the side button for between 25-30 seconds.

DFU Restore your iPhone 12

We recommend performing a DFU restore if your iPhone 12 has not yet displayed the Apple logo. DFU restore is a factory reset for your iPhone. This will completely rewrite the code of your iPhone, which should eliminate any glitches that are preventing your iPhone fully turning on. Apple technicians often go through this step when customers bring in their devices for repair.

You’ll need to use iTunes if you have a Mac or Windows computer. Finder is recommended for computers running MacOS Catalina 10.15 and higher.

Open iTunes or Finder after connecting your iPhone to your computer. After your chosen app is open, release the volume button and then the volume down buttons. Press and hold the side button of your iPhone until it goes black.

Hold the side button and press the volume down button. For 5 seconds, hold the side button and volume down buttons together. When your iPhone appears in iTunes or Finder you will know it is in DFU mode. To restore your iPhone, follow the steps on your computer.

You can see the DFU restoration tutorial on YouTube if you want to see it in action.

Apple repairs your iPhone 12

If your iPhone is still stuck on the Apple logo after a DFU restore, we recommend that you have Apple do the necessary repair to make it work again. Apple can be reached in a variety of ways to arrange repair service.

Make an appointment at your nearest Apple Store. You can avoid the long lines at Apple Stores by scheduling your appointment ahead of time. This will guarantee you a consultation. An Apple technician will diagnose your iPhone and give you a price estimate for repairs. Repair or replacement may be possible if your iPhone 12 is still under warranty.

Apple’s mail-in service is a great alternative to visiting an Apple Store. For more information about this service, call 1-800-MY-APPLE (1 800 692 7753) or visit Apple’s support website.

Although we may recommend other options for older iPhones, Apple is the only reliable option. An iPhone 12 will not be repaired by any other company for quite some time, and even if they were, their service would likely void your warranty. Revoking your warranty on a new iPhone 12 could be dangerous.

Apple Logo: Gone!

It can be very confusing when an iPhone 12 is stuck to the Apple logo. This can cause the iPhone 12 to become unresponsive, and many troubleshooting options are not available. There are still some repairs that you can do to get your iPhone back up and running.

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