How to fix it if your Roku volume is not working


You’ll notice the problem when your Roku remote doesn’t allow you to control volume. This issue can be fixed quickly and easily.

How do I make my Roku remote control the volume?

Sometimes, the Roku remote control may have problems. The volume buttons usually work fine, but here are some suggestions for how to fix them.

  1. Replace the batteries. If the volume buttons don’t work, the batteries may have failed.
  2. Are the buttons stuck? It’s possible that the volume buttons have become stuck if you have small children or if the control is very old. To remove any grease, gunk, or other residue, use a mild cleaner or wet wipes. Next, press the volume buttons multiple times to remove any remaining residue.
  3. Is your TV muted? The remote might be set to adjust the volume according to the display, but nothing happens. Your TV may be muted if that is the case. Try turning off your TV’s main remote and seeing if it helps.
  4. Repair your controller If your Roku remote is not synced to the Roku streaming device, pair it again. This can often get the remote working again and allow you to adjust the volume.
  5. Are you using the app If Private listening is enabled, the sound will go to your phone or headphones instead. To get the sound back on your TV, toggle Private listening.

Roku Sound Problems

If none of the above solutions work and the Roku volume doesn’t turn on, it could be that your Roku is having issues.

To reset your Roku, unplug it and the power cable.Sometimes, this can allow you to adjust the volume.

  1. Switch HDMI port: Connect the Roku to a different HDMI port. You won’t be capable of controlling the volume using the remote if the port is damaged.
  2. Change the A/V port: If your Roku depends on external A/V systems for sound, ensure that it is properly connected and not experiencing any problems.
  3. You might replace the cables: If you have an audio system that relies on cables, it is worth replacing them with ones you are familiar with to determine if the volume problem has been resolved.
  4. Sound settings can be adjusted: The sound settings of your Roku may need to be tweaked. To adjust the settings for your setup, go to Settings > audio. Set HDMI or S/PDIF to Dolby Digital if you are using an optical cable.
  5. Turn off surround sound. Go to Settings> audio and change Audio mode to Stereo. Set HDMI to PCM-Stereo.



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