How to fix without adjustments in Bumble


It can be a lot of fun to jump on Bumble and start sliding right into the profiles of people you think you might like. Unfortunately, if no one slips right into your profile, you will not receive any matches.

Causes without adjustments in Bumble

There are four common reasons for not making adjustments in Bumble.

Your profile is not filled in properly: leaving many details blank, which prevents your profile from appearing to the most relevant users. Maybe you only have a picture or two that does not show how great you look, so it does not grab the attention of users enough and they end up slipping left to pass.

Your settings are not set up correctly: In your settings, you can select up to two filters (with a free account) to help you find the most relevant matches. You can also expand or reduce your distance for the profile locations you see.

You’re picky about who you’re slipping right with: you might miss matches without knowing it, because you’re sliding right to only the best profiles you’ve come across.

You are not suitable for Bumble: Bumble users are usually looking for serious relationships, so if your profile offers the opposite, it may explain why you get a lot of transitions and no adjustments.

How to fix a profile that is not filled in correctly

If you were in a hurry to fill out your Bumble profile or skipped it altogether, try the following:

Open the Bumble app, tap the profile icon to navigate to your profile tab, then tap the edit icon (pencil) in your profile picture.

Make sure your profile is verified as some users may choose not to view unverified accounts. If yours is not yet verified, please verify your account.

You will be asked to upload a photo of yourself making a specific hand gesture.

Upload good quality photos of yourself and strive to fill all six squares. Tap the + (plus sign) to add them from your device.

Choose your smiling photos in different settings and avoid using your photos in groups or hiding your face (sunglasses, shadows, etc.).

Use the Profile Guidelines section to help your personality stand out.

You can only view one profile request at a time, but you can also experiment with those by swapping them and see if one of them increases your chances of getting matches.

Fill it all with the sections ‘Maybe About Me’, ‘My Work and Education’ and my basic information.

How to fix your Bumble settings

It’s important to choose the most relevant filters for your profile searches so that the right profiles appear for you (and vice versa). You should also consider expanding your desired age range and distance to increase your reach.

From your profile tab, tap the settings gear icon in the top right corner.

Under Filters, tap Set Advanced / BFF / Bizz Date Filters.

Alternatively, tap only verified profiles so that only verified profiles appear in your searches.

Browse the filters and tap Add this filter for any one you select. Then set the option for this filter.

Repeat step four with another filter.

Make sure the Apply Filters button at the top is turned on. Additionally, if you have upgraded to Bumble Boost, you can apply all the filters in your search.

You can expand or decrease your desired age range by moving the two yellow markers on the age scale to your preferred setting.

Expand or reduce your desired distance by moving the yellow cursor on the distance scale to your preferred setting.

How to fix your dumb skating habits

The only way to correct your super-picky or strict skating habits is to lighten up a bit and be more generous with sliding to the right to like profiles more often. Remember that by doing so you are only opening the doors to communication – you do not necessarily have to do anything else if you find that the match does not take off. Eventually it will expire if you stop communicating.

You may also be interested in using Bumble SuperSwipes in certain profiles, which may increase your chances of matching. SuperSwipes are a premium feature that you can give to profiles to let them know that you really like them very much.

How to fix being in bad shape for a bumblebee

It is important to understand that most Bumble users use the platform to create meaningful relationships that ultimately lead to serious commitment. If this is not what you are looking for and your profile reflects it, you may want to consider trying one of the best dating apps.

You might want to consider switching to Tinder, which is very similar to Bumble, but its users are known to be more casual about dating. Tinder has more of a reputation for connection than building serious relationships.


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