How to get Alexa to stop saying “OK” (Quick & Easy)


Are you frustrated by Amazon Alexa’s chattiness? Are you adamant that she gets to the point?

You’re not the only one. Alexa is known for saying “OK” after every command she receives.

Continue reading Learn how to simplify Alexa’s responses and how to get her to stop saying “OK”.

How can Alexa stop saying “OK!”

Enable Brief Mode to make Alexa stop saying OK. After you enable Brief Mode, Alexa will no longer say OK. Instead, she will use a short tone. Open the Amazon Alexa app, click on More, then Settings. Scroll down to Voice Responses, and then click on Enable Brief Mode.

Step-by-step instructions on how to enable brief mode

You might be in a hurry, have guests, or have a baby or partner asleep nearby and just want Alexa to do the job you asked without any back and forth “conversation”.

Brief Mode is a way to do this. It allows Alexa to speak less and uses sounds and short tones to confirm that commands are being executed.

To enable Brief Mode:

1 Open the Alexa App from your smartphone

2 After you have opened the app, click More at the lower right corner. Next, click Settings

3) Scroll down to the Alexa Preferences section, and click on Voice Responses

4) Allow Moderation Brief

FYI: Brief mode is what Amazon calls “global feature”. This means that once you enable it within your Alexa app, it will be available for all your Alexa devices.

Moderation Brief

In 2018, Amazon introduced Brief Mode to address user complaints about Alexa’s chattiness. You’ll know what Alexa is talking about if you’ve been using it for longer than a month.

Sometimes, she’ll just go off on a tangent about something that you have never asked.

To confirm that she is able to play the song correctly, ask her to repeat it to you.

Perhaps you live in a smart home and use Alexa all day to turn on the lights. If this is the case, you will get annoyed that Alexa replies “OK, turning on the lights” to every command you give.

Amazon responded to these complaints by releasing Brief Mode.

Whisper Mode

This is another way to limit Alexa’s replies. however, limits her speech.

When Alexa is enabled, you can ask her questions or give her commands in whispers.

This is great for when someone is asleep and/or if you don’t want Alexa to blare throughout your home, waking everyone up.

Whisper Mode works in a similar way to Brief Mode. Once enabled, it will activate on all of your Amazon Alexa devices.

Adaptive Volume

The “Voice Responses Settings” of Alexa will show you the last feature, “Adaptive Volume”.

This feature is very useful and can pick up any background noises and adjust Alexa’s volume accordingly.

Let’s take, for instance, that you have visitors and there is a conversation going on nearby. Alexa is a friend of yours and you’re cooking.

Alexa will respond louder to your question if you ask her “Hey Alexa. How much time do you have left on my timer?”

Alexa has another very useful feature: this is a way to make Alexa more dynamic and situationally aware.


You’ve probably been using an Amazon Echo or Show for a while and wondered how you can get Alexa to stop saying OK after each command.

Amazon has released a feature called Brief Mode which, once enabled, forces Alexa not to say OK every time and to talk less overall. Alexa uses a short tone to replace words.

Alexa offers Adaptive Volume, Whisper Mode and Brief Mode in addition to the standard mode. Based on feedback and surrounding noise, these features adjust Alexa’s volume.

These Voice Preferences, when combined, can dial in Alexa to be less disruptive.



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