How to get free RDP – 2021 for your entire life


Get Free RDP – 2021 (Free for Life). You may think this article is clickbait. You are wrong if you think so. This article will show you how to get a lifetime free RDP. You can also see methods to receive any

What’s RDP?

Wikipedia states that Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), a proprietary protocol created by Microsoft, provides a user with a graphical interface for connecting to another computer via a network connection. This is done by the RDP client software. The other computer must have RDP server software.

Benefits of Getting a Free RDP

To make sure it isn’t useless, but very useful, you should know the benefits of the RDP account. Here are some benefits that you might want to take a look at:

  • You can create a stronger connection between computers if you already have an RDP account.
  • If you are interested in a RDP account, there is no need to pay. Follow my instructions and you will be all set.
  • You can set up and manage your computer, either data encryption or use of your computer.
  • Your knowledge about computers and related issues will be acknowledged more.

How can I get free RDP?

You now know what RDP is and what the benefits are of free RDP. Let’s get started. To get lifetime free RDP, we will use AppOnFly.

AppOnFly is one website that offers free RDP, but it does not provide full access. The trial period is 30 days and there are limitations on browsing.

Updated 2021 Method


If you don’t have a German IP, you will need to provide credit card details to get a trial. If you are interested in a free VPN, you can find it here.

  1. Open the AppOnFly Website.
  2. Click here to try it free

    How to get free RDP

  3. Click on the start trial button and enter any email address. (Do not need to have a valid email address.

    How to get free RDP

  4. Click on Start Free Trial. It will automatically download a.rdp format file. You can open the RDP from a browser by clicking on Open in Browser.

    How to get free RDP

  5. Click on the Download Setup File button to proceed to the next window. This will download the.rdp files and ask for username and password.How to get free RDP
    Download this.rdp file to test the RDP that we have just created in this article.
    The screenshot below shows the password and username for the.rdp.

Notice: The.rdp expires 30 days after the date of posting. You can’t also install any third-party app within the RDP.

This isn’t the end of this article. We will share with you the steps to obtain RDP for life, as we have already mentioned. To get RDP for free every 30 days, you can continue the above steps. If you can have it for life in one step, why bother? Continue reading to learn how you can get your RDP free for life.


  1. Go to
  2. To open Inspect Element, press f12 on your keyboard
  3. Click on Network Tab.

    How to get free RDP

  4. To solve the captcha, click on the forward arrow.

    How to get free RDP

  5. Click on other people and then click on Headers.

    How to get free RDP

  6. The username and password were already obtained for the RDP. Now we simply have to navigate to and enter the username and password.

Boom!! Boom!

We hope you enjoyed this article. Keep reading for our next article, which will discuss a way to shop at aliexpress for no cost.


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