How to Get Log Stakes at Animal Crossing


Log stakes can be made, so you don’t need to hunt for them.


Log stakes are an item that is common in Animal Crossing : New Horizons. However, log stakes won’t be found on your island. Log stakes can be made, so you’ll need to search for them.


Tips:The DIY recipe for log stakes will be sent to you automatically. Once you are ready to build the first bridge on your island you will only need to craft the log stakes at your workbench or within Resident Services.


How to Make Log Stakes In Animal Crossing


Three pieces of regular wood are required to make log stakes. Most likely, you already have enough wood in your arsenal. If you run out, you can still whack a tree with a small axe to get some more. Then you’ll be ready for crafting.


  1. Once you have collected at least three pieces of normal wood, get to work on a bench. You can rent a bench from Resident Service if you don’t have one at home.


  1. Navigate to the Housewarestab in the workbench crafting menu and click Log stakes.


  1. To craft log stakes, you will need three pieces of wood. If you have the wood, click the Craft it! You can press the Craft it button as many times you need to make as many log stakes.


How to use log stakes in animal crossing


What can you do once you have mastered the art and science of acquiring log stakes? It’s not much, but it is important to know what they are used for : building your first bridge.


Building a Bridge with Log Stakes As you make progress, Tom Nook will call to ask you about building three additional houses on your island. You will need to build your first bridge to gain access to the rest of your island, where you can build new homes. Tom will provide a Bridge Construction Kit for you to use. It will include four log stakes and four clay pieces, as well as four stones.


Building more bridges in the Future. After you have completed your Bridge Construction Kit, and done a few projects with Tom Nook, your Resident Services tent can be renovated and turned into a Resident Services facility. You can now talk to Tom Nook regarding building infrastructure on your island, such as bridges. While building more bridges than your first one will not require crafting, it will still cost bells.


Decorate Your Island with Log Stakes Besides your bridge construction, decoration is another primary purpose for log stakes. You can place the stakes around your island once they have been crafted. Log stakes can now be customized with the ability to create DIY items. They can also come in other colors than the default Dark Wood look like Orange Wood, White Wood and White Birch.



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