How to Increase Storage on the Switch


Backup your games and save data on an SD card or Nintendo Switch Online

What to Know

  • To locate the microSD slot, turn off the Switch. Turn on the console by inserting a microSD card.
  • To free up space on your console, go to System Setting> Data Management > Copy Data Between System/microSD Cards.
  • Your microSD card can be used to store demos, software updates and DLC. However, you cannot save any data.

This article will show you how to increase the storage capacity on your Nintendo Switch using a microSD Card. With Nintendo Switch Online, you can back up your games or save data.

Is it possible to add more storage to the Nintendo Switch?

You can archive your data to Nintendo’s cloud service if you are unable to download new games due to internal storage being full. Go to System Setting > Data Management > Fast Archive. Select the games that you wish to archive and then choose Archive.

You can download the games you have archived from the Nintendo Store for free. The console keeps game save data. You will need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online monthly in order for your saved data to be backed up online.

You can also expand the storage on your Switch by purchasing a microSD card compatible with it. This way, you won’t need to worry about deleting or redownloading any games.

How do you upgrade the memory on a switch?

These steps will increase your Nintendo Switch’s storage capacity:

  1. Turn off the Switch in handheld mode Hold down the Power button, then select Power Options > Turn off.
  2. Lift the Kickstand to reveal the microSD slot on the Switch’s back.
  3. Nintendo Switch microSD slot located under the kickstand
  4. Place the microSD card in the slot by gently inserting it with the metal pins facing downward. When the card is secured, you may hear a clicking sound.
  5. Nintendo Switch SD Card in the microSD Slot
  6. To turn on the Switch, press the Power button.
  7. The power button on the Nintendo Switch
  8. Select System Settings from the Switch’s home screen.

System Settings on the Nintendo Switch’s home screen

Select Data Management and then choose Move Data Between System/microSD Cards.

Data Management and Transfer Data between System/microSD Cards in Nintendo Switch System Settings

Select Move to microSD card

Select the games that you wish to transfer to your microSD card and then click Move Data.

This will give you more room for games on your Switch. New downloads will automatically be moved to the SD card when the internal storage is full.

Go to System Settings > Manage Software > Data Management > View All Games. You can see the available space on the microSD cards and the system.

Nintendo Switch System Settings – Manage Software Screen

Go to System Settings >Data Management > Move Game Data Between System/microSD Cards > Move to System Memory.

What SD Cards are Compatible with the Switch?

Only microSD cards are supported by the Nintendo Switch. These microSD cards can also be used in digital cameras and smartphones. An adapter is required to access a microSD card from a computer. The popular microSD cards for Switch are the Samsung EVO+256GB and SanDisk Ultra400GB.

What Micro SD can I use to switch?

Any microSDHC, microSDXC, or microSDXC card will work with the Nintendo Switch. You can use a microSDXC memory card by updating the system software at System Settings > > Update.

Although you can save demos, DLC and screenshots to your microSD card, you cannot store save data. However, it is possible to transfer saved data between Switch consoles by using the built-in NFC capabilities.

To backup your games, you can copy them to your computer. However, you cannot play the files on another Switch console. You must import user data from both consoles by adding an user to your Nintendo Switch.

Upgrade Your Switch SD Card

You must first save the Nintendofolder from your microSD card before you can swap it for a larger card. Move the Nintendofolder from the old card to your computer before inserting it in your Switch. To ensure that all your game data is present, go to System Setting > Data Management > Manage software.


What storage can a Switch store?

An OLED Switch internally has 64GB storage. The original Switch and Switch Lite have 32GB. However, SD cards can be used to increase storage, as explained above.

Is it possible to upgrade the storage on the Switch Lite?

Yes, you can! You can! The Switch Lite also has a microSD slot like the original Switch. The Lite also has 32GB internal storage, just like the original Switch. Switch Lite will work with SD cards compatible to Switch.


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