How to locate AirPods offline or dead! This is your FIRST attempt.


Three of your essentials are: keys, wallet, and phone. But, wait! But, wait! !

If your AirPods have been misplaced, it will be difficult to find them.

Apple’s Find My App can be very helpful for AirPods not in their cases but still have charge. You will need to use your detective skills and locate your AirPods.

This guide will help you locate your AirPods, even if they’re dead.

How do you find AirPods after they are dead

The “Find My” app can be used to locate your AirPods.

The Find My App will locate an earbud that’s been removed from its case and pinpoint its location. Bluetooth data makes it more accurate.

Please note that the Find My App only works when you search for each AirPod individually. This means that one or both of your earbuds may have been lost.

Technically, your AirPods can still be found in their charging cases using the Find My App. Only if the app can remember where they were last used.

Also, it is important to remember that the Find My App is intended for devices that aren’t dead.

You can play a sound to your AirPods using the Find My app when they are fully charged, and within reach (30-50ft).It is much easier to find it.

It’s possible that your AirPods are dead and the app won’t work.

If they are still within Bluetooth range

If your AirPods are dead, the Find my App will display the location.

Unless you have mischievous family members, your AirPods shouldn’t have been moved from their original place.

The Find My app can be used to pinpoint the location of your AirPods and will allow you to locate them within minutes.

If they are not within the Bluetooth range,

It’s important to know that AirPods can be used in both directions.

  1. Dead and
  2. More than 150 feet

It’s more difficult to locate them as the Search My App doesn’t have the best information.

While the Find My app can still be useful, it is best to keep your AirPods near your phone to access semi-relevant information.

Where can you find them?

Now it’s time to start guessing. Find out where they may have gone.

These, together with any data from your Find My App should bring you very close.

Sorry, but it’s not possible to locate dead AirPods.

You can retrace your steps

After losing your AirPods, you don’t want the phrase “retrace your steps”. This may be the best option.

Take a few deep breaths, and think back to the last time you used or saw your AirPods.

Where is it most likely to place them? Take another look. Move things around to see if they fell into a corner or crack.

It is possible that you don’t find your AirPods at the right place. AirPods might not be located at the correct location.Take a seat and think again.

The process should be repeated at minimum three times.

I have found that my AirPods end-up in my gym shorts 9 times out of 10. Be sure to clean your pockets and get rid of all dirt.

Purchase a new pair AirPods

It is worth buying a new pair if you are having trouble finding your AirPods. They sound incredible!

AirPod 3rd generation can listen for up to 6 hours concurrently, or up to 30 hours if the case is fully charged.

You can check out Amazon to see the current price for the third-generation AirPods.

Two Tips to Make Your AirPods Last

Tip #1 – Make sure you have your “Find My App” set up

Apple’s “Find My App” app is critical for every Apple device you lose.

The app can be used to quickly locate your device or devices.


AirPods can be tracked even if they get lost.

This app is not right for you. This app is not for you.

Use the Find My App app on your phone to get started.

  1. Use “Find My” to find your location.
  2. Continue
  3. Click the “Devices” button at the bottom.
  4. All devices that are connected to your Apple ID should be automatically visible


Tip #2 – Make sure to have an AirTag AND a Compatible Charging Case Cover for your AirPods

Amazon has an Apple AirTag that can help you locate your AirPods and make sure they are safe.

AirTags work just like any other device within the Find My App. A Bluetooth connection is established which gives a very precise location for the AirTag.

There are two main differences between AirTags and the Find My Connection feature on other Apple devices.

  1. AirTags come equipped with a Battery that lasts approximately one year
  2. AirTags provide location information regardless of where you’re located. If it’s within Bluetooth range of any connected Apple device, it can be found

A $30 AirTag can pay for itself many times over on any device or valuable you own. They can also be used to track and steal bikes .

Order an AirTag and an AirPods Case on Amazon if you have lost your AirPods. You can store one in each case.

FAQ: Finding Dead AirPods

Can I track dead AirPods with the Find My App?

If they are not alive, you can’t see their “last known position” in Find My App. AirPods cannot be tracked if there is any battery left.

Is it possible to track AirPods within the Charging Case?

No. AirPods can’t be tracked actively if they’re not in their case .

If they are not in their case, your AirPods will not be able Bluetooth to connect. Their location won’t be updated if they aren’t in their case.

AirPods Max are the exception to this rule. They can keep a Smart Case connected for up to 12 hours.

You can use the Find My App to locate your AirPods if they have disappeared. This could prove to be very useful.

Sometimes, the Find My App might not display a location. Sometimes, the Find My App may not show a location.

Final thoughts: Finding Dead AirPods

Finding AirPods without a battery is difficult. You will need to use your memory and find the last location of Find My App.

They are possible to find if you’re willing, patient, and able to search carefully without panicking.

Purchase an AirTag if you’re able and keep it with your AirPods

What methods have you used for locating lost AirPods in your home? We’d love to hear from you!


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