How to log out of Netflix TV


It takes just a few steps to sign out on a smart television


What to Know


  • Open the Netflix TV App with your TV remote and select Get help > Log out > Yes to logout.


  • Switch Netflix accounts on your TV. Sign out, then sign in with another user.


This guide will show you how to locate the logout option on the Netflix app for your smart TV. It will also explain how to use it in order to sign out, then log in with another account.


Note:This page will work with all models of smart TVs that have the Netflix app installed. However, some phrases may be slightly different between versions.


What is the Netflix logout process for my TV?


It is difficult to find the sign-out or logout option in Netflix’s app for smart TVs. But it is there. This article will show you how to locate Netflix’s sign-out option and how it can be used to switch accounts.


Note:You can uninstall Netflix if your Netflix app freezes and you are unable to select any menu items. If that doesn’t work, your smart TV may need to be factory reset.


  1. Once you have accessed the Netflix app on TV, use your remote control to press the Left Arrow to activate the menu.


  1. Continue pressing down until you see the Get help option. Depending on the version of Netflix and your TV model, Settings may be the name for the Get help option.


Note:Exit Netflix should not be selected. This will close the app but not log you out.


  1. Use the remote control to enter.

Tip:The Enter button is usually a circular button located in the middle between the arrow buttons.


  1. Keep pressing down until the Sign Out button is highlighted.


  1. Press Enter.


  1. Netflix will now require you to confirm. Highlight Yes.


  1. Click the Enter button. Now, the Netflix app will log you out of your account.

Tip: The Netflix login process is complete when the app returns you to the login page.


How can I log in to Netflix after signing out?


Once you have signed out of Netflix on your TV using the above steps, anyone can sign in to the app by clicking the Sign In button on the main screen.


It is possible to not have to log out of Netflix every time you want to view something from your own account. Wireless casting is supported by most smart TVs. This means that anyone can cast from their device to the Netflix mobile app, provided it is on the same Wi Fi network.


How can I make Netflix accounts work on my TV?


If you are a regular user of Netflix, there are many ways to switch accounts.


Log out of Netflix and sign back in. You can also manually log out of the Netflix app by following the steps above. However, this may take some time and can lead to delays.


Each device should have a different Netflix account. You can have multiple Netflix accounts in your home. One logs in on the smart TV and one on the Netflix app.


Cast content to your Netflix mobile app. Android and iOS devices can both cast Netflix content to each other over the same Wi Fi network as your smart television.




How can I log out Netflix on my Roku?


Open the Netflix app to sign out of Netflix on your Roku. Navigate to the homepage and select Get Help. To log out from any device that is not connected to your Netflix account, go to the Netflix Manage Devices page and choose Sign Out.


How can I log out Netflix on a Fire Stick


You can log out of Netflix with your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Go to your home screen and select Settings > Applications > Manage all Installed Apps. Select Netflix and click Clear Data.


How can I log out Netflix from a PS4?


Open the Netflix app on your PS4 by pressing O on the controller. Select Settings (gear icon), then select Sign Out > Yes.


How can I log out Netflix on my Xbox One?


Start the Netflix app on Xbox One by pressing the red B button on the controller. A menu will appear on your screen. Select Get Help > Sign In, then click Yes to confirm.


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