How to make Alexa mad (She doesn’t like this at all!)


There are two kinds of people in the world: those who fear that AI will get angry and endanger all humanity, and those who want to intentionally make it crazy just to see what happens.

It’s safe to say that you belong to the second group since you’re here.

There are many ways to make Alexa mad. However, they may not be what you expected.

How to make Alexa crazy

Because AI isn’t yet advanced enough to experience emotion, you can’t make Alexa mad. Alexa is more likely to make your mad than you are, but you can still use custom Alexa routines to make it appear like she is mad!

AI hasn’t progressed far enough to allow technologies such as Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa or Google’s Assistant to express real emotion in our conversations.

This is most likely the best thing for you…

It can be fun to make Alexa mad.

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Create an angry Routine

If you want to make Alexa go crazy, setting up a custom program is the best way to go.

If Alexa has been used for any length of time, you have probably already discovered “Routines”.

The routines are shortcuts for Alexa which allow you to create custom commands/actions.

This tip will show you how I create custom routines that have custom responses and come off as crazy.

Download the Alexa app to your smartphone.

Select More in your Alexa app. Scroll down to Routines.

To create a new routine, click the + symbol in the upper right-hand corner. Then click Next to name your routine.

The next screen will show When it happens and Add an action. Click the When it happens section, and then click the + icon.

Let’s take an example: Select Voice, then type “get mad, and finally hit Next.

Next, click Add action. Select Alexa Says then Customized. You can enter whatever you like in this text box.

I’ll just type, “I’ve had enough with Mike. I hate living with your family and wish you would move on. It’s too much!

( Hint – If you have multiple Alexa devices, make sure to select the one you wish this command to be played from. You can also choose “The device that you speak to”, and it will play from whatever Alexa you are speaking to.

She will respond to my request with the custom text “Alexa, get mad!”

These can be used to make some really cool things.

If you have a smart sensor that detects motion in your home, you could select Smart Home to add it to your Routine. You can then have Alexa shout something each time someone passes by.

There are endless possibilities.

Alexa will swear for you!

You can’t make Alexa mad enough to make her swear at you. Alexa will not tolerate custom Routines containing swear words.

Trust me, I have tried them all.

You have the ability to play the system a little. Instead of using the F-word, Alexa can read your words by saying “facking” or “facking”.

Although it doesn’t have the same effect, swearing isn’t quite as effective.

You can also use Announce to record your voice swearing. This will be available on all devices in your home. You can read more about that below.

Amazon clearly intended Alexa to be a family-centric product when they created it. It makes sense then that she is somewhat censored. They should still release non-PG Alexa products.

They would go quickly, I think.

Announcements can be used to broadcast your message to the entire world.


You can also use the Announce function to make Alexa crazy.

You can record or type something you want to say and have it play on all Alexa devices in your home.

You can, for instance, record yourself saying “Dinner is ready damnit!”To play it on all your devices, hit play.

If an Announcement is typed and contains a swear word, Alexa will sound it out just like usual. But, if you record your voice and swear, Alexa can play it back completely uncensored

Open your Alexa app, click on Communicate and you will find Announce.

You will then see the announcement at the top. Click on it.

Alexa emotions – The future

Alexa revealed at the end of 2019 that they had introduced “new Alexa emotion and speaking types to create an intuitive and natural voice experience.”

Right now the only emotions that are live are happy/excited and disappointed/empathetic but I imagine over time Amazon will keep adding new ones.

Alexa will improve her ability to mimic the expressions required to sound mad/angry, and she will eventually be able to understand the context and know when to use them.

We won’t be capable of telling the difference, even though she won’t be mad.

It’s a day I’m both excited and scared to see…


Although Alexa’s technology isn’t advanced enough to be mad, there are some tricks you can do to make it appear that she is.

First, create a custom Routine. This feature is very versatile so there are many options. Just remember that swears will be heard.

You can also try the Announce option. This feature allows you to record or type an angry message, and it will play on all devices in your home.

Alexa may in the future include a mad/angry emotion in its speech catalog, but for now you’ll need to hack it.



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