How To Make Blackout Curtains?


Blackout curtains are preferred mostly because they give stunning benefits like giving you extra privacy, blocking 100% of the light coming from outside, reducing the noise, and insulating functionality. Blackout curtains will help you reduce your electricity bill because they can keep your room temperature normal in summer and winter.

You can easily get them on the market in various sizes and colors. Many people also want to customize these curtains by themselves, but they don’t know the perfect sewing method. We have prepared an excellent help guide to assist you. In today’s article, we will give you the perfect step-by-step method to sew the blackout curtains by yourself.

Step By Step Procedure To Make Blackout Curtains

You can easily sew blackout curtains by yourself that perfectly fit your window size and style. You just have to follow the method we will give you to achieve the perfect results. We will take you through the step-by-step procedure so that you will not miss even a little point. So without wasting time, let’s look at all these steps one by one:

1. Measure and Cut The Fabric

Taking the perfect measurements is very important because the style and size of your curtains totally depend on the measurements you will take. If you make any mistake at this step, face the biggest disaster later. Because if you didn’t take the perfect measurements, you would not get the privacy you wanted, and the curtains could never block the external light.

So, measure your window frame carefully and add some extra inches to all the sides of your window frame. This will help you get the exact size of your curtains. To make this step easy for you, we have broken this into small steps that are listed below:

  • Get The Right Fabric

Different fabrics can make the blackout curtains, but you have to select the one that meets your requirements. We suggest you get the heavy woven fabric because its thick surface will block the light completely.

  • Take Perfect Measurements For Curtains Rod

Then decide at which length you want to hang your curtains, and this will help you get the exact height at which you have to place the curtain rod. After this, take the width of the rod. For this purpose, measure your window frame size from left to right and then add 2 to 3 inches on both sides. This will give you the exact width of your curtain rod. 

  • Measure the Width Of the Window Frame

Now, measure the width of your window frame and add 2 inches on both sides, then double this measurement. This will give you the exact width of your home curtains that make outstanding pleats when open and closed.

This step is very important because the ability of the curtains to cover your windows completely depends on this step. So, perform this task carefully to get the desired output.

  • Cut the Fabric As Per The Measurements

Take the fabric and add some inches on all sides of the measurements taken in the previous steps. This extra fabric will be used in the sewing and hemming process. You should also leave extra fabric from the top of the curtains to make the loop through which you can hang them on the curtain rod. Then cut the fabric carefully.

  • Cut Fabric From the Center To Create two Panels

Now take the fabric you have cut in the previous step and mark at its center to turn it into two panels. Then, using the scissors, cut along the marked center to create panels that are all the same size.

2. Fold The Fabric & Attach Pins

Now it’s time to start the sewing process for the curtains. Iron the fabric from all sides after folding it from all sides. Then take the common pins and insert them into the folded fabric. This will prevent the fabric from getting tangled up.

3. Hem the Fabric From All Sides

Place the folded edges of the curtain fabric into the sewing machine. Sew the fabric by leaving the 1.3 cm fabric on all the sides. Always perform a backstitch whenever you reach the end of any fabric; this will secure your stitching.

4. Create Curtain Rod Loop

Make the rod loop by sewing the fabric from the top side at this step. This will help you hang the curtains easily on the curtain rod. To help you easily learn this method, we have broken it into a few steps that are given below:

  •  Fold The Top Edge of the Curtain Fabric

At this step, take the diameter of your curtain rod and then fold the fabric on the top side to make a perfect loop. This will help you easily slide the rod into the curtains. 

  •  Iron the Folded Edge

Secure the folded edge by applying the iron to the fabric. This will secure the edges and won’t let them unfold, and you can sew the fabric easily.

  • Insert Pins Into The Folded Edge

After ironing the fabric, you should also insert the common pins at a distance of 3 inches from the folded edge. This will give more security to the folded fabric.

  •  Sew The Hemmed Edge

Place the folded edge into the sewing machine and stitch the fabric, leaving a 0.5-inch space on all sides.

  • Apply Back Stitch To The Fabric

Performing the backstitch secures your curtains from wear and tear in the future. Backstitch at least 2 inches on the fabric to get better output. 


So, that is the perfect method of stitching the blackout curtains by yourself. We tried our best to give you the perfect guide. That’s why we cover every single step that is necessary while performing this task. If you face any difficulty while doing this, you can post a comment and tell us. We will give you the perfect solution to the problem you are facing.


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