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How to Move House Easily and Stress-Free

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Most people find that there is a point in their lives where they need to move home or relocate to a completely new area. In fact, recent research suggests that the average American will move house every five years. This can be due to the need to relocate to accept a better-paying job or promotion that is based in a different area. Conversely,you may be planning to start a family and need a home with additional bedrooms for when the children are born. Regardless of the reason, it is recognized that moving house can be one of the most stressful events in life. There are numerous steps to be planned into the process, and there can also be the potential for delays in the buying and selling process, especially if you are in a property chain. However, the move can be almost entirely stress-free with some intelligent planning and preparation. This article describes three key ways to help ensure that your home move runs smoothly.

Plan your packing

It is vitally important that you pack your household belongings in a way that makes it easy to know where everything should go once you reach your new home. Start by labelingevery packing box correctly. Mark at least two of the sides of each box with a permanent marker so that the contents can be seen clearly without needing to turn them around. Ideally, you will want to list the complete contents of each box so that you do not have to hunt for key items once you start unloading at your new home. Conversely, it may be sufficient to simply label the room in that the contents of each box will be unpacked with a brief description of some of the key items.

For bulky and large items

Bulky and large items can be difficult to move safely and securely. One example of this is if you choose to take your garden shed to your new home. It may not be suitable to take it in a standard removals van or truck, especially if you have a wide range of other large items to transport. When planning shed moving, it can be beneficial to search for companies with experience moving a shed to a new house. They may have access to larger vehicles that contain secure strapping and restraining devices that will keep your shed safe and intact during the journey. Search the internet for a range of companies that specialize in the transport of bulky and potentially fragile items and ask for a range of quotes.

Use your Sat Nav

As a final point, your home move can be considerably less stressful if you use a sat nav device when driving to your new destination. This is especially true if the new home is situated a considerable distance from your current address and you are unfamiliar with the route. A modern sat nav device will allow you to drive without stress and may even have live traffic updates that indicate alternative routes to avoid traffic congestion. If you do not have access to a sat nav device or are unwilling to invest in one, you may consider using your smartphone. Simply by downloading Google Maps, you can convert the smartphone into a fully functioning sat nav and route planner. This app will also allow you to benefit from live traffic updates.

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