How to Post a Video on Steam [ Complete Solution ]


Steam is the best place to discuss creating and playing games. We can enjoy exclusive deals and automatic game updates with nearly 30,000 games. It’s a digital platform that allows the distribution of large numbers of PC games.

After purchase, users can install the games to their drives. The first Steam apps were developed for MS Windows Operating System. Later, MacOS and Linux versions were made available. Later, mobile apps were also created for android IOS or windows phones. It offers community features such as groups, friends and chats. It is a platform that allows gamers to connect with their friends and provides a way for them to play together.

It is home to a large community and hosts many games for users. Users can upload their own videos, leave reviews, purchase games and much more on Steam. You can share your videos with friends and receive automatic updates about games.

Because of the large number of online players, technical problems and crashes can occur. This online platform was created by Steam to address this issue. Steam allows you to trade and gift different items between the community. Upload your art, your creations, video, screenshots and reviews. You can also download downloadable items to help others.

How to upload a steam video? [ Complete Guide]

There are many ways to upload a video online. Steam, the largest online gaming platform, allows users to upload videos. It is easy to post a steam video, but you can’t do it directly from your computer. You can post a video by connecting to your YouTube account and the steam app. These steps should be carefully followed:

  1. First, open a browser on your mobile or desktop. Next, create your YouTube account. You can also use an existing account if you have one.
  2. Next, upload the video you’ve created to youtube via the video upload option. You should make sure that your videos are enabled for public privacy.
  3. Install the Steam app to create your steam account.
  4. You can connect your youtube account with your steam account. To do this, open the steam app, click on the videos tab and then click on the link to your YouTube account.
    watch videos

  5. You will be taken to a new page. Click on the Allow Access to Youtube Videos button. Next, you will need to log in to youtube. Once you have connected your youtube account to your steam account, the steam app will allow you to view the videos that you have uploaded to youtube.
  6. Your steam account can be used to add the most popular uploaded videos from your youtube channel. This can be done on both macOS and PC.
  7. Click on the checkbox to add videos. After selecting the videos you wish to add, click the add button.
  8. Your videos will now be added to your Steam account.
  9. These videos can be accessed by visiting your profile. On the right-hand corner of your computer you will find the videos button. You can access the videos that you have added by clicking on this button.



This allows you to upload videos and can also mention the game features so friends or users can easily surf your videos and enjoy them. It was a pleasure to share it. Please keep sharing videos and information with friends and groups. Keep posting! Also read: Verify the Integrity of Game Files on Steam.


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