How to Remove a Blank page from Word


What do you do if you can’t remove an empty page


  • The empty page icon can be deleted from the Navigation pane.
  • Locate and remove page breaks that cause blank pages.
  • Adjust the size of the paragraph markers or delete them from a table.

You wish to delete a Word document. Usually, you can remove a blank page simply by pressing delete/backspace several times.

How do I remove a blank Page in Word

The delete/backspace keyboard is the easiest way for Microsoft Word to remove a blank page. But, it is important to place your cursor before you delete.

  1. Position the cursor at Word’s bottom. To erase blank spaces from the next page’s top.
  2. Use the delete/backspace keys to erase any blank lines. To make the page begin at the top, adjust any empty lines.
  3. A blank Word page can be deleted by placing your cursor over the page and pressing the Shift key. Next, use the down Arrow key on your keyboard to select the entire page.

How can I delete a Word page that won’t go away?

The blank page may not disappear despite your efforts. Word formatting problems can cause blank pages to appear even if none are shown in the page layout view.

  1. The blank page can be deleted from normal view, but it will not disappear. First, enable Navigation Panel to Show.
  2. Click the delete/backspace icon to select the blank page from the list. The empty page will disappear.
  3. You can also create a blank page by inserting a page-break that another user has created into the page. After that, you can delete the page.
  4. Select Layouts tab. Click New in the Section start menu. Then click OK to delete the blank page.
  5. An embedded page break is another way to create blank pages.
  6. Scroll down to review the formatting marks.

Word tables and Blank pages

Word can create blank pages by inserting a tableau at the page’s end. This creates a blank webpage at the end of your document.


  1. To remove a blank page, place your cursor at its beginning and press the delete/backspace keys.
  2. Formatting marks can be enabled by following the exact same procedure as the previous section.
  3. To change the font size, right-click on the paragraph mark.
  4. The paragraph can be made invisible. Highlight your paragraph mark and click on the callout icon under Home.
  5. You can delete the paragraph marks right above the table. This will allow the table to be raised enough on the previous page that the blank page below it is gone.


  • How do I add page number in Microsoft Word
    To add page number to Word, click Insert>> Page Number > Top of Page (Header) respectively. Choose Left, Right or Centre under Alignment.
  • How do I duplicate a page in Microsoft Word?
    Copy a Word page by selecting the text you want to copy and clicking Ctrl+.
  • How can I insert pages in Microsoft Word
    To insert a pagebreak place your cursor where you want the page to start, then click Insert> Blank Page.
  • How can I remove extra breaks from Word documents?
    To delete page breaks in Word press Ctrl+Shift+8. This will display the section breaks. Next, click Delete on the break.



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