How to remove a PopSocket


Are you done using your PopSocket It is easy to remove it.


What to Know


  • The sticky PopSocket can be collapsed so that it is flat against your device.


  • To remove the disc, move your fingernail under and around it.


  • Remove the PopSocket carefully from your device. It should be moved to a different device within 15 minutes.


This article will show you how to remove a sticky PopSocket on your compatible phone. This article includes information about how to remove a MagSafe PopSocket that is compatible with iPhone 12 or later.


How to remove a stuck popSocket


PopSockets can be used to hold a smartphone in one hand and text from the other. However, if you are changing your case or upgrading your phone, you will need to take your PopSocket out of your current phone. All PopSockets, up to iPhone 12 with its magnetic back panel were incompatible and sticky with Qi inductive chargers.


  1. It is easy to remove a sticky PopSocket. PopSocket adhesive gel sticks to your phone or case and is removable by design. It leaves no residue. These are the steps you need to take out the PopSocket.
  2. The PopSocket can be collapsed so it is flat against your device.

Tip:Remove the PopSocket from the device. You can use a fingernail or spudger to lift the disk.

  1. Are you having trouble getting the PopSocket off? To get the PopSocket to come off, slide dental floss under it. It is much easier if you have a second pair to assist.

Important:Pull the PopSocket out of the device until it comes free.

  1. To ensure that the adhesive gel does not dry out, move a PopSocket within 15 minutes.

You can move the PopSocket while the gel is still sticky to Tip:another device, case, or to a different location on your current device.


PopSocket gel can become dirty by using water. Let it dry for 10 minutes before you replace it.

You can easily slip the PopSocket in your next device or add a new case to your phone.


How to remove a MagSafe popSocket


The new MagSafePopSocket attaches to the back of an iPhone 12 and later. It doesn’t hinder wireless chargers.


MagSafe popSockets are much easier to take out than sticky ones. The magnets attach to the phone case and make it easy to remove, reposition or take out completely. The magnetic connection is stronger than the sticky.



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