How to reset a Fitbit Alta activity tracker



In no time, get your fitness tracker back on track

What to Know

  • Connect your Fitbit to its charging cable
  • Three times, press the small round button at the base of your charging cable.
  • Your Fitbit will start to work again after the third press.

It may be time to reset your Fitbit Alta and Alta HR if your Fitbit Alta refuses to sync or doesn’t turn on or responds to your taps. You don’t have to lose any data if you know how to reset your Fitbit Alta. These steps are slightly different for resetting other Fitbit activity trackers.

How to reset a Fitbit Alta/Alta HR Activity Tracker

It takes only a few minutes to reset your Fitbit Alta. You only need a charging cable and your Fitbit Alta.

  1. Connect the charging cable to your Fitbit Alta.
  2. Within a matter of seconds, press the small round button at the bottom of the charging cable 3 times. The Fitbit logo will appear after the third press.



  1. Your Fitbit should now work normally.

Why reset a Fitbit Alta/Alta HR?

Rebooting your Fitbit Alta is similar to a computer reboot. It will resolve most common problems without causing data loss. It is easy and quick to reset a Fitbit Alta. This will fix the following problems:

  • Your Fitbit doesn’t sync
  • Your Fitbit doesn’t respond to your taps, swipes, and button presses
  • Your Fitbit is charged, but it won’t turn off
  • Your Fitbit doesn’t track your steps or any other stats

What is the difference between a factory reset and a restart?

A factory reset is not possible for a Fitbit Alta. For Fitbit Pay-enabled devices, a factory reset will erase all apps and stored data. Only the following models can be factory reset:

  • Fitbit: Ace 2 & Inspire Series
  • Fitbit Aria 2
  • Fitbit Charge 3
  • Fitbit Ionic & Versa Series
  • Fitbit Flier

How to delete your Fitbit Alta and Alta HR data

There is no factory reset feature for the Fitbit Alta. Your data will be automatically deleted when the device is paired with a new account. You can also remove your device from your account to erase your tracking data.

How to remove your Fitbit Alta and Alta HR from your account

Your tracking history will be lost if you remove your Fitbit Alta. This data must be saved so that you can export it again after you have removed your Fitbit Alta.

  1. Do a data export from your Dashboard menu if you wish to save your data. Fitbit will send an email to you with the instructions for how to export your data.

Log in to your Fitbit account by going to the Fitbit Website


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