How to reset Samsung TV factory settings (FACTORY RETSET)


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If you are having problems with your Samsung TV, factory reset can be a great option. Any Samsung TV model can be reset easily. Here’s how:

Hold the Home button to reset factory settings on your Samsung TV. Next, navigate to Settings > General >Reset. For older models, please go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis. Reset. Reset.

Reset instructions for Samsung TV based on model year

How you reset your Samsung TV will depend on the year it was released.

2019 – Current

To reset the factory settings of your Samsung TV for 2019, press and hold the Home button, then go to Settings >General >Reset. Enter your security pin (“0000”), and then press the Home button. Your TV will display the initial setup screen.
If you have forgotten your TV’s pin number, your remote control can reset it.
Once the TV is turned on, you will be able to use the remote control to press the following buttons. This will reset your PIN to “0000”.

  1. You can control volume, volume up and volume down with the Samsung Smart Remote/Remote Control.
  2. Standard Remote Control: Press the button > Volume Up > Press Return > Volume Down > Press Return

2016 – 2018


Hold the Home button to reset your Samsung TV 2016-2018 back to factory settings. Next, navigate to Settings > Support > Auto Diagnostics > Reset. Enter your security pin (“0000”) if you have not created one before and press the Home button. On your TV, the Setup screen will be displayed.

Past – 2015

To reset your Samsung TV, press MENU/123>>>> Support > Self Diagnosis>Reset. Enter your security pin (“0000”), then press MENU/123> > MENU> > Support > Self Diagnostics > Reset. On your TV, the Setup screen will be displayed.

How to reset Samsung TV without remote

If you do not have remote access, you can factory reset your Samsung TV.
You can do this by pressing the power button of your TV. Depending on your model, this button could be found on the right-hand side or left side.
Turn on the TV and then press the Menu button to toggle to Settings > General >Reset
If your TV is difficult to find or not in a convenient spot, there are options.
Connect a USB keyboard to your Samsung TV’s back.
You can use the keyboard to reset or navigate your TV.
You can also add the Samsung SmartThings App if you have a Samsung Smart TV.
After installing the app, connect your TV to it
You can also use an old universal remote. The Samsung code will be entered and the remote should work.

When should I reset my Samsung TV?

To fix many problems, you can reset your Samsung TV.
If you experience frequent problems, don’t allow your TV to be reset automatically by the factory settings.

It is worth considering a new TV, or calling Samsung Support if you still have problems after the factory reset.

These are the top reasons why you might need to reset your TV.
Your TV won’t connect to WIFI
A factory reset is often the answer to a TV that doesn’t connect to the network.

However, make sure you first verify the router.
Re-plug the router into its original socket. Go to Settings to unplug your router from WiFi. It will then be possible to reconnect it after a few seconds.

The TV keeps disconnecting, or resetting itself.
If your TV suddenly switches off or disconnects, a factory reset may be required.

This will resolve any software or network problems that you might be experiencing.

You are having problems after a software update
To ensure that the most recent software and versions are always available, smart TVs should be regularly updated.

If the TV is not up-to-date in a while or has problems, factory reset it.
It might be able to run the new software after a complete reset.
When you purchased the TV, it was already in use
If the TV was purchased from a deceased owner, factory reset it.
This allows you connect your TV to the network and to set your passwords and preferences.

Restarting and Factory Resetting are two different things
Before you perform a factory reset, it might be worth restarting your TV. This will resolve many problems and won’t overwrite any settings that were previously set up by a factory reset.

Factory Resetting your TV can erase all data and make it impossible to start over.
These steps will allow you to try to turn on the TV again:

Unplug your TV.

You can leave it unplugged for between 30 seconds and 1 minute

It is possible to plug the device back in.

To find out if the problem has been solved,

How can I reset an application on my Samsung TV
Samsung Smart TVs include tons of streaming apps including Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Max.
These apps can sometimes stop loading or freeze up, or even crash.
If this happens, there are many options for you to reset your app.

Press the power button to turn on the TV for five second. You can also unplug the TV from the wall for about 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

Visit Settings > Help > Software Update to download the latest version of your TV’s software.

Reinstall the app that isn’t being used and uninstall it. Go to Apps > Settings in the upper-right corner. Click on the app that you wish to delete, and then redownload it.

Go to Settings Support (Device Care) Self Diagnosis Reset Smart Hub. You may need your PIN (00000). These are the main troubleshooting steps Samsung recommends. Only one should be done!

Manuals for all Samsung TV models and years
On Samsung TVs, you can search for “factory reset” to find the manual for your model number and model year.
The model number should appear on the backside of the TV.
Samsung Support maintains a large archive with all TV manuals. You can sort them by year here.

Samsung Remote Support Service

Samsung offers remote support for any issues.
Samsung Remote Support Services lets you have one-on-1 assistance with a Samsung technician remotely:


  • Check the status of TV
  • You can change the TV settings
  • Do a factory reset on your TV
  • Install the recommended firmware upgrades
  • What is Remote Support?
  • Samsung Tech offers remote service:
  • Contact the Samsung Contact Center at 1-800-726-7864 (8:00-12:00 EST) 7 days per week


It’s easy to reset your Samsung TV to restore the settings it had when you first bought it.
This will help you resolve a variety of problems that can arise when streaming or using your TV.
Although the process for resetting your Samsung TV varies by model year and model but it is the exact same. These steps will help you:


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