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How to Restyle your Samsung Galaxy Watch Bands

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These are the best smartwatch bands available for every budget

Even after being released, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is still one of the most intelligent wearables available. Its elegant styling makes it a pleasure to wear, and the wide variety of features make it one of the most versatile smartwatches available. It’s so great that it has remained at the top of our best smartwatches list since its inception.

As with all watches, it’s fun to give your Samsung Galaxy Watch a personal touch. One way to do this is to choose a strap that refreshes the entire look. You might want to change straps to match your outfits or dress down or up for the occasion. If it’s a workout, a silicone band is great for that. While a metal strap can be saved for night outs, a silicone band may work well.

There are many custom options available for Samsung watches. We’ve spent a lot of time looking for the best straps and bands to reflect your personal style.

There are two sizes of the Galaxy Watch – 46mm and42mm. We’ll explain compatibility with each band. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a smaller version of the Galaxy Watch. It starts at 40mm, and features a digital haptic dial.

These are products we have not tested in our labs but we believe they are worth considering.

To help you navigate the maze of options, our selections are ranked from most affordable to most expensive. We take into consideration online reviews, brand reputation and unique features.

  1. Kades Silicone Band For Samsung Galaxy Watch

Silicone band at a very reasonable price


Colors: Black, Black/Grey, White/Black, Yellow/Black, Red/Black, Pink/Black, White/Pink, Pink/Mint Green, Navy Blue/WhiteCompatibility: Galaxy Watch 46mm and 42mm


+Loads more color options

+Options for Galaxy Watches in both sizes

+Sensible price


-Holes in the strap indicate a point for failure

Kades Soft Silicone bands are easy to remove. This allows you to swap out different bands depending on how you feel or what you do during the day. Because it is waterproof and breathable, the silicone band is great for heavy workouts.

Pin clasps are easy to attach or remove. They also keep the watch secure and comfortable on your wrist. This band is a great choice for anyone looking for an all-around band that’s affordable.

  1. MroTech Galaxy Watch Nylon Sport Loop Quick Release

Amazing fabric band that can be adjusted to fit any wrist


Colors: Black, Blue and Olive Green. Compatibility: Galaxy Watch 46mm & 42mm


+Simple hook and loop clasp

+Fits almost any size wris

t+Sensible pricing


-Might feel a little sweaty during intense workouts

It is not difficult to see how the MroTech Sport Loop draws inspiration from the Apple Watch straps. They use a similar hook and loop fastening system that makes them easy to adjust and put on.

This strap is great for picking your style and making your watch stand out with its attractive design and wide range of colors. MroTech offers straps for Galaxy Watch in both the smaller and larger sizes. They will also fit many smartwatches with the same size.

This is a great choice for many because of its reasonable price and excellent design.

  1. Goseth Milanese Adjustable Stainless Steel Wristband

This Milanese watch strap is a great value and looks amazing


Colors: Black, Silver

Galaxy Watch 46mm Compatibility


+Great design

+Very Affordable


-No 42mm option

-Requires magnet to attach clasp

We love the Milanese Loop Strap design, so it’s not hard to admit that we still love it. These styles are appealing to anyone because of their delicate appearance and “wear with anything” functionality. Although not the best for intense training, these styles are great for all occasions.

The Goseth is a stylish option that won’t break the bank. Although the magnetic clasp is simple and convenient, it doesn’t lend itself well to high-stress situations. If you run marathons regularly, perhaps consider investing in another product.

  1. TRUMiRR Stainless Steel Metal Watchband To Fit Galaxy Watch

This band is smart and fashionable enough to be worn out on a night out.


Colors: Silver/BlackCompatibility: Galaxy Watch 46mm


+Sensible price

+Quick Release Clasp

+Support available for all wrist sizes


This color is not available in 42mm.

The TRUMiRR stainless steel strap is a very attractive two-color design that brings a striking look to the Galaxy Watch for a reasonable price. This high-end design is a great match for Samsung’s smartwatch. It should get some admiring glances from your friends.

The easy-to-use clasp is also very popular. To release the strap, you simply press the buttons on the opposite side. This will keep your smartwatch secure on your wrist, and protect it from any accidental drops.

  1. Samsung Silicon Strap 22mm

This is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their Samsung accessories formally.


Colors: Blue, Black, Natural Grey

Galaxy Watch 46mm Compatibility


+Nice design in a robust material

+Great for working out


-Highly priced for what it is

-Limited color options

While it’s not the most affordable band and there are many third-party silicone bands that are much cheaper, for many people, Samsung is the best choice for accessories for their Galaxy Watch.

However, we really love the Blue version’s design and color. The Black and Natural Grey versions are fine, but the blue makes the strap stand out. Although the traditional notched clasp for watches isn’t very unique, it will hold the watch securely.

  1. Samsung Silicon Strap 20mm

This is a great option if you are looking for many color options


Colors: Black and Brown, Natural Grey, Violet, Green, Red, Blue, Silver, Pink, and Yellow. Compatibility: Galaxy Watch 42mm


+Great color options

+Perfect for exercising


-Very expensive

Clasp design is not special

The color options for the 20mm straps, which fit the 42mm Samsung Galaxy Watch, are better than those of the 22mm. The Violet and Pink bands will appeal to anyone who likes bright colors, but the bold Yellow band is our favorite.

Samsung’s silicone bands can be used for exercise and are durable. However, the traditional clasp can be frustrating because these designs can make it difficult to wear during workouts. Although we would prefer an Apple-style clip to our Samsung, we are happy with the choice.

  1. Samsung Hybrid Sport Strap

For every activity, a glorious combination of leather and rubber


Colors: Yellow, Green, Orange, and Yellow.Compatibility: Galaxy Watch 42mm


+Amazing color options

+Hard-wearing but fashionable


-Very costly

Only for smaller Galaxy Watches

Samsung understands that watch straps may need to be changed frequently, so the Hybrid Sport Strap is very easy to remove and install. This is a great option if you need to swap bands between outfits and activities.

Hybrid Sport looks just as elegant as an all-leather one due to the combination of leather and rubber. The Hybrid Sport can be adorned with a splash or color that is bold and bright, or more conservative. This makes it a great choice for everyone.

Although it is a bit more expensive than third-party bands, we think it offers some of the most beautiful designs we have ever seen on a watch band.

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