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How to Style Hair With Gel

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Hair is the most prominent part of the personality of men and women and styling them is the art. There are many different ways to style hair such as the use of hair tools like hair straighteners and hair rollers, use of hair gel is the most famous method. The use of hair gel is the most easiest and convenient method for hair stying. Fo better results, hair gel can be applied before and after taking hair wash.

Hair gel is something that everyone can handle and it gives the beautiful look. Many types of gel are available in the market that results in different looks either wet or hard look. In this article, we are going to discuss how to style hair with gel. For grooming, the gel is essential to give a smooth, shiny, long-lasting, and gleaming look. If you have a beard, apply Jericho Beard Oil into your routine to match the shiny lock on top.

Uses of Hair Gel

Hair gel can be used in wet hair or dry hair for a matte finish. Take a little amount of gel on your hand and rub it in then apply on wet or dry hair and gel must be well diffused in the air and comb your hair as you want to style. A hairstyle can be changed or restyled if you wet your hair with water and make any new style.

Hair gels are more useable and cheapest in the comparison of waxes, pomades, and other hair products. Nutrients rich ingredients are present in gel to make hair softens and feed the hair for hair follicles. Hair gel is an integral part of the process of hairstyling and always read the ingredient before buying the gel.

Home Made Hair Gel

For frizzy and curly hair, flax seed gel is beneficial for us and it makes hair glossy and smooth look. Raw and unflavoured flax seeds are used in making gel and it’s easily available in grocery stores.

  • 1/4th cup of flax seed must be soaked for 6-8 hours.
  • In two cups of water heat the flax seeds, boil the seeds until you see the gel-like consistency, and keep stirring so that it doesn’t stick to the pan.
  • Longer cooking results in more thick gel and by the use of filter strain the gel.
  • Keep the gel in the bottle and use hair gel in wet or dry hairs.
  • You can use this homemade gel within a week.

For Men-How to Style Hair With Gel

  • Use a normal amount of gel on hairs as if you apply more amount it will result in greasy and crusty.
  • Dry your hair with a towel after wash.
  • A pea-sized amount of gel must be applied on hair deeply to distributes on the mane.
  • For messy hair and spiked hair, let it dry.

For Women-How to Style Hair With Gel

  • In daily routine wash the hair and conditioning the hair.
  • With a towel dry your hair and apply the gel on wet hair, it gives better results.
  • Choose the right kind of gel according to hair.
  • Brush your hair while applying the gel your hair.
  • When the is dried then make your desired style.

Types of Hair Gel

There are different types of gel for different hairstyles and according to the demand of styles and that is penned down:

  • Shaping Gel

If you want some specific shape like spikes and finger waves, side descends, then shaping is used to form a specific shape of the hair.

  • Firming Gel

Firming hair gel is used to make fixed hairstyles that may not fly away after some time.

And this gel is humidity resistant and it keeps your hairstyle in the same position and you don’t need to worry about frizzy hair.

  • Curl Specifying Gel

This gel is used to specify the curls of your hair and this gel may give you proper definition, soft and strong, and frizz-free look to your hair. If you have natural hair then this gel is important to provide moisturizer to your hair.

Side Effects Of The Use of Hair Gel

Hair gel has many benefits but excessive use of hair gel has many disadvantages:

  • Hair Dehydration

Hair gel contains corrosive chemicals and alcohol and they may harm the hair and it absorbs the gel and makes the hair soft and perished. When these two ingredients such as corrosive chemicals and alcohol then dehydration occurs.

  • Hair Fall

Chemicals that are present in the gel may harm internally and externally. Hair will be rough when you use this gel on daily basis it may cause damage to cells. Hair may cause the weakens of cells and it results in hair fall.

  • Dandruff Problem

When you use the gel excessively, it may cause itching of hair and scalp’s infection and it results in dandruff problems. As gel you used in the scalp may be frozen due to this dandruff results and it may cause swelling of the scalp.

  • Hair Damage

You may face whitening of hair before age and results in a change in color because gel disturbs the ph level of hairs. So it’s better to use these gels occasionally.

  • Split Ends

Excessive use of hair gel may damage hair and result in split ends.

Names of Hair gels

Following are the names of hair gels that are mostly used:

  • Firm Holding Gel-American Crew classic.
  • Maximum Control gel-Redken Brew stands tough.
  • Power Play Gel-TIGI Bed Head.
  • Styling Gel-Johny B.
  • TRESemme hair Gel.
  • Grip Hair Gel-Mitch steady.
  • Flexible gel-R+Co Motorcycle.
  • Body Building hair gel-Jack Black.
  • Body sculpting Gel-Paul Mitchell.
  • Premium Styling Hair gel-Krieger+Sohne.

Final Note on How to Style Hair With Gel

There are many different ways to style your hair either by straighteners and curlers rods but the gel is one of the easiest things that you can use for hairstyling. Although gel gives a more sleek, smooth, and fresh look for a long time it has many side effects if you use it on daily basis. There are different brands and types of gel that are famous and you can buy them from any mart or grocery store. If you use it rightly for hairstyling then it’s the best thing and uses it only on special occasions.

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