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How to Style Natural Hair After Washing

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Life is not perfect but your hair can be perfect! Styling the hair just after the wash is such a difficult task if you want to go anywhere. And another reason that people want to give style to their natural hair after the wash is that they don’t want to use heating rods for straightening or curling the hairs. But the question is how to style natural hair after washing so we are going to briefly discuss the ways that you may give a good look.

Styling the hair whether it is wet or dry is not a big task if you have short hair but if you have long and thick hair then there is a need to invest time in making good hairstyles. Stylish hairstyles give you elegant look and make you confident.

How to Style Natural Hair After Washing

Tips To Do After Hair Wash

If you want to style wet hair then you have to take care of your hair in your daily routine so that you may give any style to hair.

  • Moisturizing The Hair

Use moisturizer after the wash it will help you in retaining the moisture in your hair. Washing your hair is incomplete if you don’t apply moisturizer on hair to lock the moisture they have. Hair milk is more lightweight if you want to apply something lighter than hair moisturizer. Most moisturizers are water-based and it is helpful if you apply them to wet hair, as they retain maximum moisturizer. Protein-sensitive hair may also use these moisturizers.

You may also use leave-in moisturizers as they have properties such as strengthening and moisturizing. And leave-in conditioners may episodically replace your daily conditioners and deep conditioners and they will act as more like moisturizers.

How to Style Natural Hair After Washing

  • Moisturizing sealing

If you are used to be oiled after washing your hair in a daily routine then it is known as sealing of moisturizer and as a result, the rate of moisture depletion may decrease. People use oil for different purposes like for the prevention of dryness, reduction of frizziness, and straightening of hair.

  • Defining your curls

If you say that your hair looks good when it’s wet then you are not alone. When hairs are soaking out then curls looks so good and suit everyone. If you make your curls on wet hair then it will be good and you don’t need any products to make them curly.

Wash-and-Go Hairstyles-How to Style Natural Hair After Washing

Firstly you must know that what is wash-and-Go hairstyles or How to style natural hair after washing It is actually when you carry your natural hair curls without using any kind of gels, sprays, or heating rods like straightener or curler. You can say it as set wet style and you must use a shampoo that is sulfate-free and leave-in conditioners. There are steps that are important to wash-and-go hairstyles other than shampoo and conditioners.

  • Mane Must Be Clean

For the proper cleaning of your hair, you have to use a shampoo that must be sulfate-free and uses a deep conditioner for proper cleansing.

  • Leave-in Moisturizer

If you want your hairstyle for a long time then you have to apply leave-in moisturizer for the hydration of your hair. The leave-in moisturizer must-have ingredient is coconut oil, it will give you smooth shine for a long time.

Wash-and-Go Hairstyles

Now after washing its time to apply your skills and style your hair differently as follows:

  • Top Tie

The popular and simple style is Top Knot. To make this hairstyle you need only bobby pins, a hairband, and a hairbrush. And ready to go hairstyle is done You can see the picture that I have attached there:

  • Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are one of the styles that can be long-lasting for a whole day. For Bantu knots, you have to separate your hairs into small components. Then each component must be rolled and twisted and create a mini knot while winding up on the top of the mane. When you end up twisting the knots then with hairband secure your knot.


For natural hairs, pineapple-ing is the most famous option and you have to brush your curls in the upward direction and then tie your hair in the form of a ponytail with a hairband. For highlighting the texture of your hair the fluffs the strands of hair. It results in a pineapple-like hairstyle that may form.

How to Style Natural Hair After Washing

Faux Hawk

It’s such an easy and convenient hairstyle and you can go anywhere with confidence. In this style, you only need bobby pins, hair spray, and a hairbrush. Apply a very small amount of gel or spray on the mane’s side and brush your hair in the middle direction of the head and tie with bobby pins. The same process is done on the other side of the mane and the hairstyle is done.

Dutch Side Braid

When you wash your mane fresh then dutch side braid is a good option and you are ready to go. You only need hair spray and bobby pins and the style is ready. Rattail comb is used for the and deep side part must be created on either part of mane. Gather the parted section of hairs and form the braid. When you made the braid to the middle of the head then tie the hair at this point with bobby pins.

Low Bun

The low bun is very easy to make and it takes less than a minute to create it. A low bun enhances the features of your face. Comb your hair in the backward direction and tie the hairs to form a ponytail.

Messy Pony Tail

When you don’t want to spend more time hairstyling then a messy tail is really a good option. There is no end to makeup when you made a ponytail.

How to Style Natural Hair After Washing

Final Note

In this article, we have discussed how to style natural hair after washing and penned down some go-to-go hairstyles that are easy. But you have to take care of your hair after wash you must apply moisturizer and leave it in a conditioner to lock the moisturizer in your mane and keep your hair fresh for a long time. Make your new natural hairstyles as life is too short to have boring hair.

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