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How to take a screenshot on an HP laptop

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If you are aware of how to take a screenshot with Windows 10, you can do the same with an HP laptop, as they generally have the same operating system. This article will show you how to take a screenshot of the screen of your laptop as well as an HP tablet.


Here are the steps to take a screenshot of your HP laptop


Three ways are available to capture a screenshot. A third method is to use the keyboard, while two others make use of the software.


How you can use the keyboard to Capture Screenshots


The quickest method to capture your screen is to press the”Print Screen “Print Screen” button. When you have the screen open that you would like to record then press “Print Sc”. It’s to the left of the upper row on your keyboard just below the Insert and delete keys.


By using the method above, you will not see any evidence that the image “took.” To provide a visual clue make use of the keys Windows + Prt Sc. If you select this shortcut your screen will turn immediately black to verify that the capture took place.


In addition, you can utilize the combination of Alt Prtscn to capture the current window.


How to Use Snip & Sketch to Take a Screenshot


Microsoft Windows 10 also includes software that allows you to take a screenshot. One is the Snip & Sketch app. Here’s how to use it.


  • Start by selecting the Start menu and clicking on the window or screen you want to capture.


  • Find Snip and Sketch on the search bar and then choose it from the search results.


  • A menu will appear at the highest point of the display. Choose the fourth option for the entire image. The image appears to be a rectangle with marks on every corner.


  • Whatever you decide to do with any screen you want to capture, Windows can save the screen to your clipboard and then save it in a folder and a message will pop up. Click on the notification (which contains a thumbnail image of the screen that you just did) in order to display a custom window.


  • In this window, you can draw, mark up, or highlight and crop the image with the tools located at the top of the screen.


  • To save the image to save the screenshot, simply click on the save icon.


  • In the next screen select a name for the file as well as a file type and where you want to save your screenshot.


How to Create Screenshots Screenshot using the Snipping Tool


Another solution for software that Microsoft is slowly eliminating in Windows updates It’s that of the Snipping Tool. Learn how to use it.


  • Select the window that you would like to record, and then select the Start menu.


  • Utilize the search box to search at “Snipping Tool” and then select one of the search results.


  • In the Mode menu, choose the kind of selection you wish to apply. To take the entire screen in one shot choose Full-screen Snip however, you may also select an area that is rectangular or a single window or draw a customized shape.


  • Snipping Tool will open the screenshot in a separate window. You can utilize the tools on above to record notes and highlight points prior to saving the image.


  • To save, press the button that resembles a disc that looks like a.


  • The save screen will appear and you will be able to name your image, choose an appropriate file type and select the location you want to save it.


How do you take a screenshot with an HP Tablet?


HP was removed from tablets in the year 2011 however, you can still capture images of the display by pressing the Power button and then Volume Down if you own one. There are screenshots available within the Photos app.


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