How to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook Messenger


You think you are still friends with someone? Perhaps not


What to Know

  • Send a message to the person. They won’t block you if it goes through.
  • You might be blocked if you get a message that says the message was not sent.
  • You can see the Facebook profile of the person to verify that they have not blocked you via Messenger.

This article will show you how to spot if someone has blocked your Facebook Messenger account. It also includes instructions for both the desktop and mobile apps.


How to tell if someone blocked you on Messenger: Mobile Version

You can use the mobile app to see if a message is getting through.


If it does not, you can check to see if they are still on Facebook. If they are, they will block you on Messenger only.


  1. Tap the Search bar while in Messenger and type your friend’s name.

  2. Tap the name of your friend when it appears in search results.

  3. Enter your message in the text box near the bottom of the screen, and then click the send button.

Your friend hasn’t blocked you on Messenger if the message goes as normal. If you get the message “HTM0_ Message Not Sent ” or “This person isn’t receiving messages at this moment“, this could be a sign that your friend hasn’t blocked you on Messenger.


  • Messenger has blocked you, but Facebook has not.
  • Facebook has blocked you.
  • Your friend has deactivated your account.


You may not receive a message at all. However, the intended recipient won’t be able or able to reply to your message. If you do not receive a reply, it is possible that you have been blocked.

You need to decide which of these options apply in each case. You can search for the name of your friend in Facebook. If your friend appears in the search results, they may have blocked you on Facebook Messenger. However, if your friend’s Facebook account does not appear in the search results after typing their name, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have also blocked you on Facebook. You might have removed their account.


How to tell if someone blocked you on Messenger: Desktop Version

You can use the same methods to verify that someone has blocked you on Messenger. However, the steps may be slightly different.



You might get a message saying, ” This individual isn’t available at this moment” after you click the Send button. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have blocked you on Messenger. They could have blocked you on Facebook, or deactivated your account.


There is also the possibility that you will see nothing unusual (as shown in the screenshot), but your message and response will be ignored by the recipient.



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